EU adopts new Energy Efficiency Directive

EU adopts new Energy Efficiency Directive, sets 2030 target at 11.7% 

27 July 2023 - Member states agreed to collectively ensure that final energy consumption in 2030 is at least 11.7% lower than what was forecasted in 2020


Negative power prices reveal market is still unprepared to tap on full renewables potential

07 July 2023 - Electricity producers on power exchanges across Europe were offering to pay up to EUR 500 per MWh to whoever would take their electricity

Pancevo General Hospital has reduced energy consumption by almost 40%

Pančevo General Hospital has reduced energy consumption by almost 40%

05 October 2022 - The USAID has provided USD 230,000 for the renovation of all six substations for heating and sanitary hot water in the hospital

SEE faces higher energy security threats than rest of Europe IENE SEE energy outlook stambolis

SEE faces greater energy security threats than rest of Europe – IENE

12 May 2022 - The Institute for Energy for South-East Europe has presented the third edition of the South East Europe Energy Outlook in Belgrade

România Eficientă Elie Radu Ploiești nearly zero energy building Energy Policy Group omv

High school in Romania turned into nearly zero-energy building

13 April 2022 - The concept of the European Union's NZEB standard is to jointly apply renewable energy and energy efficiency measures

building green growth high-efficiency equipment

Serbian building firm on path to green growth with new high-efficiency equipment

25 August 2020 - Serbian construction company Karin Komerc MD has taken a significant step towards green growth by...

World Bank grant Kosovo energy efficiency renewables

World Bank grants EUR 9.4 milion to Kosovo* for renewables, energy efficiency

13 April 2020 - Kosovo’s Ministry of Finance and Transfers and the International Development Association, part of the World...


Electricity demand shrinks up to 10% in Albania, BiH due to COVID-19 crisis

03 April 2020 - Electricity demand has decreased by up to 10% in Bosnia and Herzegovina and 5% to...

Estfeed – safe use of smart meter data in order to lower energy costs

27 January 2020 - Estfeed is a highly secure and transparent data sharing platform developed by the Estonian transmission...

MOEEBIUS – Saving energy through raising awareness of end-users by using new technologies

26 December 2018 - Residents of two buildings in the Stepa Stepanović residential complex in Belgrade can check on...

Resalta implements one of largest, newest energy monitoring systems in Bulgaria for Serdika Center

15 November 2018 - Slovenia-based Resalta, a leading energy service company (ESCO) in South-East Europe (SEE), has recently completed...

BEAD – Converting commercial properties into intelligent digital buildings saving energy, reducing emissions

20 July 2018 - Energy consumption in buildings currently accounts for over 40% of all energy consumed in Europe...

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