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North Macedonia to boost coal-fired power output to avert price hikes

06 October 2021 - North Macedonia will step up coal-based electricity production to avert price hikes amid soaring prices on the international market.

BiH, Serbia announce 70-135 percent electricity price increase

Electricity price hike of up to 135 percent announced in BiH, Serbia

04 October 2021 - If new prices become reality companies will have to lower production, lay off workers, and to increase the price of goods and services.

Energy efficiency concept with charges invoice documents on desk

Bulgarian government to subsidize electricity price for industrial consumers

29 September 2021 - Prices have increased 72% from the beginning of the year, and today the price on the day-ahead market is at EUR 133 per MWh.

spain tax renewables wind farms electricity prices

Spain taxes renewables, nuclear power producers

28 September 2021 - Government rolled out a tax to mitigate the impact of the soaring electricity and gas prices on consumers.

Suppliers fail to secure electricity to consumers due to high prices north macedonia

Power suppliers to loose licenses after failing to secure electricity

27 September 2021 - The Energy and Water Services Regulatory Commission has launched the procedure to repeal the licenses of two electricity suppliers.


Prices on power exchanges soar 60% against pre-pandemic levels

20 August 2021 - Electricity markets in the region have seen daily prices of up to EUR 120 per MWh in recent days, an increase of about EUR 30 against the same period in 2019.

Electricity prices for companies are rising - how consumers can ease burden

20 to 50 percent increase of electricity price for companies in Serbia – how businesses can ease this burden?

18 June 2021 - Serbia has been delaying the energy transition for years, but the impact of the energy transition in the EU has spilled over to the country through the electricity prices for businesses.


Renewables and the market: intermittent energy source balancing is not that hard to grasp

09 June 2020 - The COVID-19 pandemic has rocked electricity markets across Europe, including Serbia. “Prices on SEEPEX in...

electricity prices fall COVID19

Electricity prices to dive 30% in the region – analyst

16 April 2020 - Electricity prices in the region could fall 30%, said Nickolay Kiskinov, managing partner at Bulgaria-based...


Romania caps energy prices including electricity, heat

31 March 2020 - Romania has limited the prices of electricity, heat, natural gas, water supply, sanitation and fuels...


Romanian manufacturers seen tapping on EU’s high-efficiency CHP subsidies to cut energy costs

12 March 2020 - Romanian manufacturers are increasingly seeking new solutions to cut electricity costs, including through the European...

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Downward trend in industry prices in Energy Community ends in 2018 – ACER report

04 November 2019 - The upward trend in final household prices in the Energy Community Contracting Parties continued in...

electricity prices

Electricity prices for households in Serbia to go up 3.9% on December 1

01 November 2019 - Electricity prices for households in Serbia will be increased by 3.9% on December 1, while...


Electricity market liberalization lowers prices by 32% in North Macedonia

01 August 2019 - The electricity market liberalization has decreased prices for small commercial customers by about 32%, said...

Serbia electricity prices EPS Fiscal Council

Serbia needs to hike electricity prices, but not before reforming EPS – Fiscal Council

10 July 2019 - Serbia’s state power utility Elektroprivreda Srbije (EPS) must step up investments in order to boost...

Electricity prices across the region to increase by up to 40% in 2019

20 December 2018 - Electricity prices for businesses went up in Croatia this year, while hikes have been announced...

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