ana brnabic eps professional management rystad

Brnabić: Professional management in EPS for new energy policy

26 December 2022 - The idea of introducing professional management appeared after a leak revealed a secret contract between Serbia and Rystad Energy

solar battery storage eu report

Over one million European homes have batteries for their solar installations

26 December 2022 - SolarPower Europe estimates that the capacity of residential battery energy storage units will reach 44.4 GW by 2026

Golob: Electricity prices for companies to be around EUR 200 per MWh in 2023

23 December 2022 - The prime minister said the business environment for Slovenian companies wouldn't be worse than for their competitors in other countries

Serbia promises to IMF it would raise electricity, natural gas prices by up to 30%

21 December 2022 - The IMF approved a two-year standby arrangement for Serbia, which will be able to withdraw EUR 2.4 billion

Electricity prices to be increased in Republic of Srpska from New Year

Increase of electricity prices in the Republic of Srpska as of January 2023

02 December 2022 - A large part of electricity consumers in the Republic of Srpska will be getting higher bills after the New Year

djedovic Electricity, natural gas prices to be increased in Serbia

Serbia to increase prices of electricity, natural gas

22 November 2022 - Minister Dubravka Đedović earlier indicated that the prices of electricity and gas would be raised, arguing they are unsustainable

electricity natural gas prices eu 2022

Household electricity bills in 33 EU capitals surge 111%, gas jumps 69%

16 November 2022 - The highest electricity prices are nine times above the cheapest tariffs while the ratio in the gas sector is 16, according to the Household Energy Price Index for Europe

petar djokic minister repubic of srpska ers loss electricity energy crisis

ERS to suffer net loss in 2022 – energy minister

08 November 2022 - Electricity prices for firms will be increased while households will be encouraged to save energy

dubravka djedovic minister reforms lithium electricity prices

Đedović: Energy sector reforms are priority, lithium production to be examined

04 November 2022 - Dubravka Đedović has visited the Kolubara mining basin to get first-hand information on coal production

electricity prices association employers federation bih

Companies in FBiH request 20% cap on increase in electricity prices for 2023

26 October 2022 - Businesses want the Government of FBiH to cap the potential increase in tariffs to 20% like it did late last year for 2022

electricity prices households energy crisis 2022

Electricity prices in Balkans: highest in Montenegro, lowest in Kosovo*

25 October 2022 - The highest price in European Union was in Denmark (34.4 eurocents), and the lowest in Hungary (9.4 eurocents)

Republic of Srpska to reduce renewables surcharge by 90 percent

Republic of Srpska to reduce renewables surcharge by 90%

25 October 2022 - Entity authorities say investors are giving up on incentives so that there is no need to charge citizens the fee

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