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Montenegro’s biggest retail chain to install 4 MW of solar panels

14 June 2023 - Voli will also install electric charging stations, which will support the transition to low-carbon transportation

Serbia sets maximum premiums for wind solar auctions

Serbia sets maximum prices for wind, solar power auctions

05 June 2023 - The setting of the price is one of the most important steps in the preparation for the first auctions in the country

Market design – is the current electricity market model sustainable? Belgrade Energy Forum 2023

BEF 2023: EU’s power market reform will only boost PPAs’ role

20 May 2023 - Businesses in the region must quickly adapt to the new power purchase rules to maintain and improve competitiveness, according to the panel Market design – is the current electricity market model sustainable?

serbia electricity prices hike

Serbia hikes power price for businesses to EUR 110 per MWh

28 April 2023 - The price of electricity for firms in Serbia is set by the government since November 2021 due to the energy crisis

european commission energy subsidies phasing out

EU calls member states to start phasing out energy subsidies for citizens, firms

10 March 2023 - The European Commission reiterated that the best solution to the energy crisis is to reduce dependence on imported fossil fuels

germany industry electricity tariff price cap habeck

Germany preparing scheme to lower electricity prices for firms

09 March 2023 - Germany wants to reduce tariffs for businesses to make them competitive with the US and China, which have lower electricity prices


North Macedonia scraps power subsidies for bakeries, food producers

02 March 2023 - The government has decided to abolish power subsidies for producers of bread and other staple foods, citing their failure to reduce prices.

Mostar to become first city in BiH with solar power plant for self-consumption

Mostar to become first city in BiH with solar power plant for self-consumption

06 February 2023 - A few weeks ago, The Sarajevo Canton announced a similar initiative - to establisha a public company for renewables


Onshore wind share in Greece’s daily power output hits 55%

19 January 2023 - Greece was the leader in Europe by the share of onshore wind in daily power output, followed by Spain and Portugal

ems prosumer renewables selfconsumption study

Elektromreža Srbije intends to produce energy from renewables for self-consumption

03 January 2023 - EMS has to secure 21.5 GWh for the operation of its substations and distribution facilities every year, and high power prices are here to stay

Electricity prices for companies to be increased to EUR 103 per MWh from 2023 in Serbia

Electricity prices for companies in Serbia to jump to EUR 103 per MWh in January

27 December 2022 - The price for businesses was EUR 50 per MWh to 70 per MWh last year before the start of the energy crisis, which means it doubled in some cases

ana brnabic eps professional management rystad

Brnabić: Professional management in EPS for new energy policy

26 December 2022 - The idea of introducing professional management appeared after a leak revealed a secret contract between Serbia and Rystad Energy

solar battery storage eu report

Over one million European homes have batteries for their solar installations

26 December 2022 - SolarPower Europe estimates that the capacity of residential battery energy storage units will reach 44.4 GW by 2026

Golob: Electricity prices for companies to be around EUR 200 per MWh in 2023

23 December 2022 - The prime minister said the business environment for Slovenian companies wouldn't be worse than for their competitors in other countries

Serbia promises to IMF it would raise electricity, natural gas prices by up to 30%

21 December 2022 - The IMF approved a two-year standby arrangement for Serbia, which will be able to withdraw EUR 2.4 billion

Electricity prices to be increased in Republic of Srpska from New Year

Increase of electricity prices in the Republic of Srpska as of January 2023

02 December 2022 - A large part of electricity consumers in the Republic of Srpska will be getting higher bills after the New Year

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