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Companies in FBiH request 20% cap on increase in electricity prices for 2023

26 October 2022 - Businesses want the Government of FBiH to cap the potential increase in tariffs to 20% like it did late last year for 2022

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Electricity prices in Balkans: highest in Montenegro, lowest in Kosovo*

25 October 2022 - The highest price in European Union was in Denmark (34.4 eurocents), and the lowest in Hungary (9.4 eurocents)

Republic of Srpska to reduce renewables surcharge by 90 percent

Republic of Srpska to reduce renewables surcharge by 90%

25 October 2022 - Entity authorities say investors are giving up on incentives so that there is no need to charge citizens the fee

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Unexpected winter season for Montenegrin tourism – energy tourists are coming

20 October 2022 - Energy tourists are EU citizens who plan to move during the winter to countries where energy is not so expensive

EPCG to install another 15,000 rooftop solar power plants

19 October 2022 - Last July, Montenegrin power utility started the projects Solari 3,000+ for households and Solari 500+ for companies

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Rystad Energy: Investments in renewables in Europe set to surpass oil, gas in 2022

17 October 2022 - The surge in spot electricity prices in Europe decreased the payback period of wind and solar power projects, according to Rystad Energy

Renewable energy producers in Croatia, Serbia terminate feed-in tariff contracts

Renewable energy producers in Croatia, Serbia terminate feed-in tariff contracts

11 October 2022 - In Croatia, 63 power plants with a total capacity of 341 MW have so far terminated their contracts, compared to 11 in Serbia

Albania fine heads institutions cut power consumption

Albania to fine heads of institutions that don’t cut power consumption

06 October 2022 - The government must lead the way in cutting power consumption, Deputy Prime Minister of Albania Belinda Balluku said

High electricity prices threatens DSOs ability to secure reliable supply of consumers energy community

Energy Community DSOs: High electricity prices endanger reliable supply of consumers

05 October 2022 - DSOs are experiencing a severe liquidity crisis, according to the findings of the Coordination Group of the Energy Community DSOs

Subsidize energy savings, not gas, electricity prices - analysis CEPS

Governments should subsidize energy savings, not gas, electricity prices – analysis

22 September 2022 - The analysis Why Gas Price Cap and Consumer Subsidies Are Both Extremely Costly and Ultimately Futile was prepared by CEPS

Serbia won’t increase power prices for businesses - Prime Minister brnabic

Serbia won’t increase power prices for businesses – Prime Minister Brnabić

21 September 2022 - She commented on rumors that the government would raise the price from the current EUR 95 to EUR 120 per megawatt-hour

Croatia limits electricity prices for households, companies andrej plenkovic

Croatia caps power prices for households, businesses

08 September 2022 - The Croatian government adopted another package of measures to ease the burden of high energy prices on households and businesses

Bulgaria North Macedonia electricity import export kovachevski

Bulgaria to deliver 200 MWh of electricity to North Macedonia

06 September 2022 - prices would have to be defined in accordance with the legislation of Bulgaria and North Macedonia and the EU's directives


Mihajlović: Serbia preparing projects for two pumped-storage hydropower plants

02 September 2022 - Đerdap 3, a hybrid pumped-storage power plant, should be built in phases, Minister Zorana Mihajlović said in a interview

German firms lower, halt production due to high energy prices habeck

German firms reduce, halt production over high energy prices

01 September 2022 - The halting of production because of the high energy prices is seen by the German government as an alarming situation

power price for businesses Serbia August 2022

Serbia hikes power price for businesses

30 August 2022 - Electricity supplied to businesses by state power utility EPS will cost EUR 95 per MWh from September 1

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