Electricity market operators urge EU to drop proposal for single market coupling operator

10 November 2023 - All NEMOs from member states expressed concerns over the initiative for a "single legal entity" to operate market coupling in the EU

CROPEX to introduce 15-minute products on intraday market

CROPEX to introduce 15-minute products on intraday market

12 July 2023 - To support the introduction of 15-minute products, TSOs intend to implement an upgraded resolution on the Croatian-Slovenian and Croatian-Hungarian borders


EEX exchange introduces Croatian power futures

26 June 2023 - The European Energy Exchange rolled out Croatian power futures today in cooperation with CROPEX, the country's electricity bourse


Croatian power futures to start trading on June 26

08 May 2023 - The aim is to further develop new products, in line with the interests of market participants, EEX and CROPEX said.


EEX, CROPEX set to roll out Croatian power futures in Q1 2023

20 June 2022 - The launch of Croatian power futures will follow the 2019 roll-out of Slovenian, Bulgarian, and Serbian power derivatives

eex cropex futures

EEX, CROPEX to introduce Croatian power futures

12 February 2021 - After the successful launch of the Bulgarian, Slovenian, and Serbian power futures the preparations have started for the Croatian power futures.


CROPEX gets record price for guarantees of origin – EUR 1.52

23 July 2020 - Croatian power exchange CROPEX has sold the entire amount of 320,232 guarantees of origin (GOs)...

electricity prices fall COVID19

Electricity prices to dive 30% in the region – analyst

16 April 2020 - Electricity prices in the region could fall 30%, said Nickolay Kiskinov, managing partner at Bulgaria-based...

CROPEX: First guarantees of origin for biomasss

CROPEX: First guarantees of origin for power from biomass sold for EUR 1.11 apiece

23 March 2020 - The Croatian electricity market started bimonthly auctions. CROPEX divided the sales of guarantees of origin...

HROTE, CROPEX making auctions of guarantees of origin more frequent

HROTE, CROPEX making auctions of guarantees of origin more frequent

04 March 2020 - Volumes have strengthened since the start of the year amid a jump in production of...


CROPEX sells largest number of guarantees of origin so far

23 January 2020 - Croatian power exchange CROPEX said it has held its fourth auction of guarantees of origin...

green energy

Government increases share of green energy to be sold on Croatian power exchange 

19 December 2019 - The Croatian government has decided to increase the share of net delivered electricity generated by...

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