Greek industries can save EUR 6 billion through CO2 capture, storage

25 April 2023 - CO2 capture and storage has the potential to generate up to EUR 6 billion for the Greek economy, according to a new study

nexe cement co2 contessa project Thyssenkrupp

Nexe plans CO₂NTESSA project for carbon-neutral cement production

22 March 2023 - The firm has signed a contract with thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions regarding the new, second-generation oxyfuel technology


One of Slovenia’s biggest rooftop solar plants to help decarbonize cement production

23 August 2022 - Slovenian cement maker Salonit Anhovo has put into operation one of the largest rooftop solar power plants in the country

Bulgarian cement plant EU grant innovative carbon capture storage

Bulgarian cement plant gets EU grant for innovative carbon capture, storage project

18 July 2022 - Devnya Cement got a EUR 190 million grant from the EU for the first full-chain carbon capture and storage project in the Balkans


World’s major cement and concrete makers pledge full decarbonization by 2050

14 October 2021 - The roadmap actions until 2030 will reduce the manufacturers' CO2 emissions by a quarter, according to the Global Cement and Concrete Association (GCCA).

Microsoft Norway's CO2 capture storage

Microsoft joins Norway’s pioneering CO2 capture, storage project

21 October 2020 - Various plants will be able to implement the CO2 capture and storage solutions that Microsoft is developing for Northern Lights

Norway EUR 2.1 billion carbon capture storage

Norway sets aside EUR 2.1 billion to develop carbon capture, storage

22 July 2020 - Equinor is working with Shell and Total on transferring liquefied CO2 through a pipeline to...

Expert views (part 2): What are the biggest challenges in municipal waste management in Serbia?

04 March 2019 - In the second in a series of interviews on waste management with representatives of state...

Expert views – Waste management problem in Serbia – can the country perform better and how?

23 February 2019 - Following the introductory article about the problems, challenges, and possible solutions concerning waste management in...

Waste management in Serbia – problems, challenges, and possible solutions

19 February 2019 - Serbia has handed the second draft negotiating position for chapter 27 to the European Commission,...

Use of biomass toward low-carbon industry – challenges and prospects

07 November 2018 - Serbia’s cement industry is ready to increase the use of biomass as fuel, which would...

Serbia’s cement industry important link in sustainable waste management, standards are necessary 

Serbia’s cement industry important link in sustainable waste management, standards are necessary 

30 May 2018 - Serbia’s cement industry is interested in co-processing significant amounts of different types of waste, which...

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