Serbia’s energy-intensive industries brace for CBAM, seek state support to apply decarbonization solutions

22 May 2024 - Companies in Serbia are not afraid of decarbonization and CBAM, but are worried the state does not recognize what needs to be done to help the affected industries


RheEnergise building waterless hydropower storage facility in UK

06 May 2024 - RheEnergise has developed a technology to use a dense fluid rather than water to store surplus energy from wind and solar power plants

CMS legal experts energy storage Belgrade Energy Forum

CMS legal experts to present regulatory framework on energy storage and batteries in SEE on BEF 2024

29 April 2024 - Experts on energy storage projects and regulations from law firm CMS Reich-Rohrwig Hainz will take part in Belgrade Energy Forum 2024

croatia batteries energy storage damir habijan

Croatia to earmark EUR 500 million for batteries

22 April 2024 - The Government of Croatia is preparing EUR 500 million for the installation of batteries for storing renewable energy


Greece to subsidize two major solar and storage projects with EUR 1 billion

04 April 2024 - The European Commission has given the green light for the subsidies, which will take the form of two-way contracts for difference

Rimac Energy UK office Witney Oxfordshire storage

Rimac Energy opens facility for energy storage in UK

26 March 2024 - Rimac Energy, a pioneer in advanced battery energy storage systems (BESS), is a brand of Rimac Technology, part of Rimac Group

Greece, Bulgaria offer best returns on battery investments in Europe

Greece, Bulgaria offer best returns on battery investments in Europe

27 February 2024 - Investments in battery storage offer the opportunity for profitable energy arbitrage, according to Rystad Energy


Romania invites fresh bids to support batteries for renewables integration

09 February 2024 - Romania has also earmarked EUR 199 million to support new capacities for the production and recycling of batteries and solar cells and panels

aggreko resalta deal

Scottish Aggreko takes over Slovenia-based Resalta 

29 January 2024 - Energy solutions provider Aggreko, with headquarters in Glasgow, Scotland, has acquired Slovenia’s energy service firm Resalta


Bulgaria offers highest profitability for battery storage in Europe

15 December 2023 - Profitability issues could hinder the development of battery storage, which is critical for the green energy transition, Rystad Energy warns

The world's largest energy storage system is being built in the Atacama Desert

World’s largest energy storage system is being built in Atacama Desert

28 November 2023 - Spanish green energy producer Grenergy has begun the construction of an energy storage facility in Chile's Atacama Desert

Hithium Solarpro rinalfa battery bess bulgaria

Hithium, Solarpro shake hands for largest battery energy storage project in SEE

16 November 2023 - The battery energy storage system in Bulgaria will be the first joint project of Hithium and Solarpro, part of Renalfa Solarpro Group

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