What’s new in Federation of BiH ’s draft law on renewables auctions

What’s new in Federation of BiH’s draft law on renewables?

04 July 2022 - It introduces auctions for the allocation of feed-in tariffs and feed-in premiums for renewable power plants

Croatia launches auctions for premiums for large power plants

Croatia launches auctions for renewable energy utility-scale power plants

24 June 2022 - The deadline for submitting bids for the award of premiums is July 4, according to the public call published by HROTE

Kosovo to launch auctions for 100 MW of solar

Kosovo* plans to launch auction for 100 MW of solar

20 May 2022 - Auctions are divided in smaller portions because the intention is to encourage local investors, not only those from abroad

serbia auctions premiums wind farms ministry

Serbia to launch auction for wind farms in third quarter of 2022 – ministry

06 May 2022 - According to the Ministry of Mining and Energy, a decree on balance responsibility, and the intraday market must be adopted

New auctions for the allocation of renewable energy production premiums announced in Croatia

Croatia announces more auctions for renewable energy premiums

05 May 2022 - Croatia will hold yet another round of auctions for the allocation of premiums for renewable energy power plants, with a total quota of 2,010 MW

Montenegro to introduce renewable energy auctions

05 March 2022 - Almost all the remaining countries in this part of Europe said they would introduce auctions. So far they have been held in Albania, Croatia, Greece, North Macedonia, Turkey

Republic of Srpska adopts new law on renewable energy sources

Republic of Srpska adopts new law on renewable energy sources

17 February 2022 - The law introduces auctions for premiums, as well as an option for individuals and businesses to produce green energy for self-consumption

croatia auctions premiums

Croatia to launch auctions for renewables by third quarter – ministry

07 February 2022 - The Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development plans to announce auctions for the large wind farms and solar power plants

North Macedonia sets renewables target at 46 percent by 2025 economic reform program

North Macedonia’s renewables target set at 46 percent by 2025

01 February 2022 - The Economic Reform Program, which identifies 20 structural measures, was adopted by the Government of North Macedonia


Greek wind, PV projects of over 10 MW with storage to take part in joint auctions

04 January 2022 - A new ministerial decree specifies the categories of renewable energy projects that will take place in individual or joint auctions

Auctions could secure investments in green energy worth EUR 1 billion to Croatia

Auctions could secure EUR 1 billion in green energy investments in Croatia

22 December 2021 - About 200 renewables projects with an installed capacity of 13,000 megawatts are currently in the pipeline

Regulator calculates maximum price for premiums on auctions for wind farms in Serbia

AERS determines maximum premiums for wind farm auctions in Serbia

25 November 2021 - The Energy Agency of the Republic of Serbia (AERS) has defined the maximum purchase price for electricity produced in wind farms

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