Auctions could secure investments in green energy worth EUR 1 billion to Croatia

Auctions could secure EUR 1 billion in green energy investments in Croatia

22 December 2021 - About 200 renewables projects with an installed capacity of 13,000 megawatts are currently in the pipeline

Regulator calculates maximum price for premiums on auctions for wind farms in Serbia

AERS determines maximum premiums for wind farm auctions in Serbia

25 November 2021 - The Energy Agency of the Republic of Serbia (AERS) has defined the maximum purchase price for electricity produced in wind farms

HardTalk Serbia 2021 UNECE auctions net metering_web

Is it still hard to talk about renewables in Serbia? Join the discussion!

11 November 2021 - UNECE is organizing an online Hard Talk event on November 16 and 17 about renewable energy auctions and government support for the sector in Serbia. 

AERS publishes draft methodologies for auctions for premiums, feed-in tariffs

AERS publishes draft methodologies for auctions for premiums, feed-in tariffs

05 October 2021 - The Serbian energy agency has launched public consultation on drafts methodologies for the maximum purchase price and the maximum feed-in tariff.


Minister Mihajlović: Serbia to hold first renewables auction in December

15 September 2021 - Serbia will hold its first auction for premiums for wind and solar in December, while a three-year schedule will be unveiled by the end of February.


What’s new in Republic of Srpska’s draft law on renewables?

09 September 2021 - The new law will be aligned to a great extent with the EU’s Directive on the promotion of the use of energy from renewable sources.

WV-NBT Serbia Alibunar wind projects meeting Magnus Johansen zorana mihajlovic

WV-International NBT advances with Alibunar wind projects, preparations underway for auctions

14 May 2021 - The company has obtained new construction permits in order to enable installation of the new generation of wind turbines. 

croatia auctions large projects wind solar

Croatia to launch auctions for large wind, solar projects in autumn

27 April 2021 - The Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development has prepared the Draft law on the electricity market to speed up the implementation of projects.

Serbia adopts four laws on energy mining

Serbia adopts four laws on energy, mining

21 April 2021 - The National Assembly has endorsed the law on renewables, the law on energy efficiency, the law on energy and the law on mining.

conference solar energy serbia balkan green energy news

First Big Conference on Solar Energy in Serbia – everything is set for solar boom

16 April 2021 - The Law on Renewable Energy Sources will create the conditions for Serbia to use its solar energy potential.

Serbia 400 MW in solar power auctions year-end

Serbia to add 400 MW in solar power plants, auctions starting by year-end

14 April 2021 - The first auctions may be held by the end of the year, according to speakers at the First Big Conference on Solar Energy in Serbia.

Serbian government adopts four energy mining bills

Serbian government adopts four bills on energy, mining

29 March 2021 - The government adopted the bills on renewable energy sources, energy, energy efficiency and mining, and sent them to parliament for adoption.

BGEN roundtable wind industry investments February 2021

BGEN round table: What does the state need to do to unlock EUR 2 billion in wind farm investments?

06 February 2021 - Investors and bankers believe that Serbia’s draft law on renewable energy sources provides a solid basis for unlocking investments in more than 2 GW of wind power...

Serbia-renewable-energy-law-public consultation

Serbia opens public consultation on draft law on renewable energy

22 January 2021 - Serbia’s draft law on renewable energy sources, which introduces auctions and prosumers, is up for public consultation until February 9.

Serbia declares principles for drafting law on renewable energy

Serbia issues guidelines for draft law on renewable energy

04 January 2021 - The Ministry of Mining and Energy has published the starting points for the upcoming draft law and invited the public to submit suggestions.

Serbia’s renewables incentive fee raised fivefold

Serbia’s renewables incentive fee raised fivefold

21 December 2020 - The government has decided to increase the surcharge paid by consumers to fund renewable energy incentives from EUR 0.00079 per kWh to EUR 0.00371.

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