Study tour for Serbian companies interested in developing biomass CHP plants


September 28, 2016






September 28, 2016





The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands invited representatives of Serbian companies interested in developing combined heat and power (CHP) systems for a four-day study visit. The trip will be arranged for companies from energy and agriculture sectors interested in developing plants fuelled by non-woody biomass.

The deadline for applications is October 6, with a limited number of companies to join the study tour – three from domestic agriculture and manufacturing and several firms from other areas. The embassy will pay all costs, except for airline tickets. Interested companies should send their basic data, the name of the person who would travel on behalf of the enterprise, and a short explanation about the motivation to use the opportunity. Emails should be sent to

The visit will be organized in the first half of December, while the complete programme will be finished upon the selection of companies. After the return of their representatives to Serbia, they will share the experience with others who applied for the list.

The aim of the study visit, according to the embassy’s invitation, is to introduce domestic companies to Dutch technologies and solutions in electricity production from renewables based on non-woody biomass.

Another additional goal is to offer policymakers at both state and province levels an insight into models of efficient organization in the renewables sector, primarily the biomass market.

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