Study presented for wastewater treatment plant in Niš


July 21, 2016






July 21, 2016





Representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection, the European Union Delegation in Serbia and of the Office for European Integration of Serbia attended a presentation of a feasibility study for the project of wastewater collection and treatment in the city of Niš, located in the country’s south.

The ministry said the document should enable local authorities to construct a wastewater treatment plant and sewage network through the programme of development assistance from pre-accession funds IPA 2017. If Niš gets support for the financing from the European Union, the project would be the largest in infrastructure in the field of environmental protection in Serbia, said Stana Božović, state secretary in the ministry.

The project for collection and treatment of wastewater includes construction of new collectors, rehabilitation some of existing facilities, constructing the city wastewater treatment plant, as well as for additional sludge treatment.

The complete technical documentation for the plant and sewage will be funded by the new support programs of the Swedish International Development Agency for the environmental sector in Serbia, called Priority Environmental Infrastructure for Development (PEID), which starts on July 25 and is worth almost EUR 3 million, the statement adds.



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