Society must know climate change intensifies


November 13, 2015






November 13, 2015





The global average temperature has increased over the past 100 years by 0.85 degrees Celsius, and ocean levels rose by 20 centimeters, which seems to be a little, but it is not, says Roxana Bojariu, a specialist with the National Meteorology Administration (ANM) and expert in the Intergovernmental Climate Change Panel, agency Act Media reported.

„We have reached the conclusion that in order to be useful as specialists we must somehow come out of the guild and explain things so as the society may understand them. The enhanced greenhouse effect is the cause of the current climate change. Without these gases in terrestrial atmosphere, the planet’s temperature would have been 33 degrees higher. The problem is what happens when the concentration of these gases increases, which causes the greenhouse effect. The increase in global temperature is the easiest to exemplify (…) Things will accelerate in the future, unfortunately. In 95% of cases, human actions have led to the global warming phenomenon. The remainder to 100% may be natural causes, such as ocean acidity. As to the climate change in Romania, we can say that our country is part of the overall picture,“ she stated on November 12 at a debate about the United Nations Climate Change Summit to be held in December in Paris. The event was organized by the Bankwatch Romania network.

She also said that in the period immediately ahead, Romania will face intensified precipitation that will lead to heightened risks of rapid flooding particularly in alpine areas, with tree felling being one of the main reasons behind that.

On the other hand, she said the number of tropical nights is expected to increase in the southern, southeastern and western parts of Romania.


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