Residential project to include green roofs


June 16, 2016






June 16, 2016





Karpoš a.d. launched construction works at Aleksandrija, residential project with 20,000 units in the Macedonian capital. The urbanistic endeavour is the first to transform an idle area of a former industrial complex, on 150,000 square metres, portal Build.mk reported.

The gross surface in the project is 500,000 square metres, where designers applied environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions, according to the company. Civil Engineering Institute Macedonia is responsible for the project.

The buildings that are being erected next to Lepenec river in the municipality of Đorče Petrov will be accompanied by playgrounds and athletic facilities, a shopping centre, business units, gas station and a park. The first homes should be complete by July next year.

Manager Aleksandar Stefanov said the design is especially stable and that the buildings will have green roofs, with some of the terraces also covered by plants.

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