Rehabilitation starts at landfill Teodorovac



July 8, 2016






July 8, 2016





Landfill for non-hazardous waste Teodorovac is located close to family houses. The rehabilitation of the facility began, financed by the Cohesion Fund of the European Union and the Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund (FZOEU). The project is worth HRK 6.6 million (EUR 881,000). The beneficiary is the Municipality of Đurđenovac in Croatia’s east and the contractor company is Eurco d.d. from Vinkovci.

“Teodorovac” is one of 12 landfills in Croatia which are financed by the same model, for which it was provided about EUR 32 million of EU funds.

Works are aimed at the conservation of nature and the biological and landscape diversity in the village. The project will contribute to targets from the national Waste Management Strategy and the Waste Management Plan including the closure and rehabilitation of all existing landfills, FZOEU said.

Teodorovac is one of 12 such landfills financed by the same model, for which EUR 32 million of EU funds was provided. Rehabilitation has been completed at Filipovica in Osijek (EUR 748,000), Stara Ciglana in Semeljci (EUR 240,000) and Trebež in Samobor (EUR 8.7 million).

Works are ongoing at Lemić Brdo near Karlovac (EUR 2 million), Alabarica in Donji Andrijevci (EUR 694,000), Teodorovac (EUR 881,000), Strm Breg in the municipality of Feričanci (EUR 467,000), Papuk in Vinkovci (EUR 6 million), Donji Picudo-Istok in Umag (EUR 2.4 million), Hrastinka in Mursko Središće (EUR 734,000), Meka in Ludbreg (EUR 4.9 million) and Šljivici in Lovas (EUR 1 million).

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