Power purchase agreements finally on the table


October 16, 2015





October 16, 2015




Ministry of Mining and Energy of Serbia organized a public consultation process on proposed directives for incentives for the production of energy from renewable sources and highly efficient cogeneration.

The documents include the conditions for achieving the status of a privileged producer, temporarily privileged producer and of a producer from renewable energy sources. Another directive concerns incentives for generating power from renewables and efficient cogeneration, while the third paper is for standard models of power purchase agreements, the ministry said on its website.

Energy minister Aleksandar Antić said on October 14 that Serbia will get its first wind power plant, with the capacity of 10 MW, by the end of the year. He announced the adoption of secondary legislation within weeks, and added this is necessary for bigger investments in renewables. Antić stressed he expects other wind power projects to pick up after the model for the power purchase agreement is agreed on.

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