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Possible introduction of a deposit-refund system in Serbia

December 5, 2017

Photo: Pixabay
Possible introduction of a deposit-refund system in Serbia

Director of the Environmental Protection Agency Filip Radović has announced the introduction of a deposit-refund system in Serbia, which is to help regulate PET, aluminium and glass packaging disposal.

“Since the Ministry of Environmental Protection has been finally established, we can now take some major steps and start reconstructing the waste management system by creating a deposit-refund system in Serbia”, Radović recently said for RTS, Serbian public broadcaster.

The introduction of the deposit system should motivate both citizens and businesses to stop disposing this kind of waste in the environment. Radović has announced that deposit-refund containers will be installed across Serbia so that citizens will get a refund when they return reusable packaging.

However, Radović did not specify when the implementation of the system may take place.

Croatia is the only country in the Western Balkans with deposit-refund system in place.
Thanks to this system some of the EU member countries have succeeded in collecting over 90% of glass and PET bottles and cans says the Recycling portal.