Ono Bikes puts its electric bicycle in spotlight


June 15, 2016






June 15, 2016





The young team of Serbian startup Ono Bikes presented its work at the Pioneers festival in Vienna with the help from the Chamber of Industry and Commerce of Serbia. It developed the Archont electric bicycle, which was reported on by the Guardian, Ciclosfera, Velomesto, and Dutch FHM.

The basic version weighs 20 kilogrammes. It has Shimano transmission with five or seven gears, and engine power varies from 250 W to 20 kW. A lithium iron phosphate battery of 72 V and 20 ampere-hours or a lithium ion one with 74 V and 23 ampere-hours is in the frame. Charging it for three hours enables the range of one hundred kilometres and the speed of up to one hundred kilometres per hour. Archont can be purchased without the electrical engine. Model sizes are 260, 280 and 300 centimetres.

Marko Šćepanović, company head, said mid-term goals are to develop the technology and to start the production of the electrical motor in Serbia for the product to become 100% sourced domestically. On the horizon, Ono Bikes aspires to implement its technology in other electric vehicles, he said. Sani Migati, chief of operations and one of the founders, stated the vision drew interest by investors from Germany, the Netherlands, the United States and Austria, and that the stand had visitors standing in lines.

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