New player and statuses in Balance Scheme


January 5, 2016





January 5, 2016




New player in the Slovenian power market is NIS Petrol Srl. The company entered the Balance Scheme on December 31, Borzen said.

As of January 1 there are changes within the system, namely balance group Borzen, d. o. o. – Centre for support (Eco group) changed its status to balance subgroup responsible party in the GEN-I d. o. o. group, while subgroup Petrol energetika d. o. o. and its subgroups Acroni d. o. o. and ZDS Jesenice passed from group HSE d. o. o. to GEN-I.

Balance subgroup Gorenjske elektrarne d. o. o. passed from group GEN-I to subgroup ECE d. o. o., which is in group HSE. Balance subgroups SODO d. o. o. (d. o. Elektro Ljubljana d. d.), SODO (d. o. Elektro Celje d. d.), SODO (d. o. Elektro Maribor d. d.), SODO (d. o. Elektro Gorenjska d. d.) and SODO (d. o. Elektro Primorska d. d.) exited the scheme. Subgroup SODO (distribution area for entire Slovenia) entered the scheme and now has a status of subgroup responsible party in the HEP group. Company Repower Italia SpA exited the Balance Scheme.

There are now 79 members in the Slovenian Balance Scheme. Members can act on the market as traders who buy or sell electricity according to volumes known in advance (closed contracts), or as suppliers of electricity who, besides electricity trading, also deal with electricity supply to consumers or with electricity purchase from producers (open contracts). The transmission system operator, distribution system operator and energy exchange are also members. The Centre for support has established one or more eco (sub)groups with special status in accordance with the regulations in force. An Eco group is designed for the settlement of differences between announced and realised production and sale of electricity, gathered from participants of the support scheme who are entitled to guaranteed purchase.

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