Energy Efficiency

Ministry continues municipal energy efficiency projects

Photo: Ministry of energy and mining


September 25, 2016






September 25, 2016





Aleksandar Antić (first from left), minister of mining and energy, signed agreements with representatives of 15 local authorities on allocation of RSD 125 million (EUR 1.01 million) from the budget fund for energy efficiency measures. The endeavour is expected to result in EUR 243,000 or up to 4 GWh in annual savings, he told municipal officials at the event, held earlier this week. The projects were selected according to best effects, location and other factors, the ministry said.

The Government of Serbia invested EUR 648,000 in 11 municipalities in the previous round and achieved savings of almost EUR 150,000 or 2 GWh per year, equivalent to 40% for every facility, Antić added. Local authorities cofinanced the projects with 30%, he stated.

The minister said another project will be launched with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), where the state budget will receive USD 500,000 (EUR 445,000) for the energy efficiency fund. According to Antić, the government intends to increase financing in the area.

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