LONGi Solar’s high-end modules build strong presence in Hungary and Romania through Solargroup


Tamas Szentirmai


February 3, 2024






February 3, 2024





The past year has seen a major technological shift in the photovoltaic industry, with new, high-efficiency solar cells coming into spotlight and gradually taking the floor from outdated technologies. Manufacturers have mainly opted for n-type TopCon solar modules, as well as heterojunction modules (HJT), while a select few have embraced back contact technologies. One of them is LONGi Solar, whose high-end back contact modules are available in Hungary and Romania through its distributor Solargroup Energy.

Back contact solar cell technologies feature efficiency rates of over 23%, while not sacrificing reliability, compared with around 21.3%  achieved by PERC (Passivated Emitter and Rear Contact) modules, according to Tamás Szentirmai, LONGi’s Regional Sales Manager for Distributed Generation for Hungary, Romania, Croatia, and Slovenia.

LONGi has developed its own innovative cell technology on a back contact platform, called Hybrid Passivated Back Contact (HPBC), Tamás Szentirmai said in an interview for Balkan Green Energy News.

LONGi has developed its own innovative back contact technology, HPBC

Applying the new HPBC cell technology, LONGi introduced a new product series, Hi-Mo X6, designed for both the residential and the commercial and industrial (C&I) segments, he explained.

Hi-MO X6 series sets new standards for excellence, with HPBC cells ensuring an impressive 23.3% module efficiency, surpassing TopCon’s 22.5%.

In low sunlight conditions, it delivers +18% more than TopCon and a remarkable +30% more than PERC, according to him.

LONGi’s new modules are more efficient and better looking thanks to busbar-free design

Free from gridlines, LONGi’s modules offer a +2.27% increase in light-absorption efficiency, as well as a mere 0.38% power loss compared to TopCon’s 4.55%. The absence of gridlines also enhances the aesthetics of the solar modules, which is becoming increasingly important in the residential segment.

LONGi’s advice to investors: Low-priced solar panels are not the best choice

Talking about current market trends and the prospects for the coming years, Tamás Szentirmai said that 2023 saw extremely fierce competition and price wars, particularly when it comes to outdated technologies such as PERC.

Also, many solar module manufacturers have scaled up their production capacities to an extremely great extent, with the four biggest players becoming capable of covering the entire global demand. On top of that, there are countless other, smaller manufacturers trying to grab a slice of the market.

However, it is expected that many manufacturers will face financial difficulties during the coming years and that only the most stable ones will prevail. “You can have a low price now, but who will provide a warranty if the manufacturer does not exist anymore?” warns Tamás Szentirmai.

“In 2024 and 2025 the industry will learn how much financial stability is important in the PV industry where manufacturers offer up to 25-30  years of warranty,” he said.

LONGi’s high-end modules protect customers’ solar energy investments

LONGi has always focused on providing high-quality and reliable products, in order to safeguard the reliability of PV investments of final customers. Thanks to state-of-the-art production technologies, strict AI-supported quality control processes, and the LONGi Quality Life-Cycle Management System, the failure rate of LONGi modules is 70% less than the industry average, according to him.

“We will continue to offer high-end technologies at competitive price, offering the best LCOE for customers, and products with top-class quality and reliability to ensure reliable investments for final customers and PV investors,” Tamás Szentirmai stressed.

Solargroup – LONGi’s reliable partner in Hungary and Romania

When it comes to expansion into local markets, it is particularly important for large global players to have committed, reliable, top-class local partners, and LONGi has found one in Solargroup Energy, which currently distributes its products in Hungary and Romania.

LONGi began its cooperation with Solargroup in 2022, and the Hungary-based company has since become one of its most important distributors in the region.

“We decided to work with Solargroup since they promised to focus on our brand on the local markets, not just to put it on the shelf among other module brands… I trust Solargroup could become our ambassador elsewhere in the region, beyond Hungary and Romania,” Tamás Szentirmai explained for Balkan Green Energy News.

Today, LONGi is very satisfied with the cooperation with Solargroup, which indeed focuses on the company’s brand, promoting it almost exclusively in these highly competitive markets, according to him.

Solargroup provides value-added sales and marketing service for high-end PV products

Since LONGi is not the cheapest brand, the enhanced sales and marketing service provided by Solargroup is truly valuable. It includes educating markets and customers, explaining why they should not use oversized modules, why reliability matters when making a decision on a PV investment, and why it is wise to pay more for a better cell technology or a more reliable product, Tamás Szentirmai explained.

Such activities are crucial in the light of the ongoing technological transition, when PERC is being phased out and when LONGi steps in with its HPBC cell technology which is superior in all aspects, according to him.

Educating customers in crucial at the time of the PV technology shift

Founded in 1997, Solargroup Energy is headquartered Békéscsaba, Hungary, where it also has a warehouse. With more than 25 years of experience, it is one of the first companies in Hungary to install photovoltaic panels. Solargroup has also been present in Romania for more than 10 years, with a warehouse in the city of Salonta. It has more than 40 employees in the two countries.

As an importer and distributor of high-quality photovoltaic equipment, Soalrgroup is dedicated to providing innovative solutions, keeping its partners informed about the latest industry trends, offering technical support based on the most effective solutions, and developing tailor-made offers to meet individual needs.

“We are distributors of the most popular manufacturers such as LONGi, one of the world’s leading solar energy companies,” says Solargroup. The company’s founder and CEO is Kukla Imre, whose mission is to encourage change towards a world powered by clean and renewable energy sources, according to back-.

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