Islands need no pharaonic green power plants


December 1, 2015





December 1, 2015




Deputy energy minister Yiannis Tsironis has expressed strong opposition to any prospective development of large-sized renewable energy projects on the Greek islands, portal Energy Press reported.

“Our islands are an energy paradise. For starters, their geothermal and renewable energy potential has not been utilized in the slightest. We don’t need to install 300 MW on Skyros, as is being planned. That’s a pharaonic project. Let’s install 30 MW instead,” Tsironis noted in an interview hosted by Thessaloniki-based radio station Praktorio 104.9 FM.

He said Greece remains committed to reducing greenhouse emissions by 40% until 2030 through increased reliance on renewables in the energy and transportation sectors, stressing however that enormous green energy projects are not necessary for the country to achieve environmental objectives.

Tsironis: Projects of excessively sized proportions and “forests” of wind energy parks prompt reaction from locals.

Projects of excessively sized proportions and “forests” of wind energy parks prompt reaction from locals, Tsironis noted, while adding that moderately-sized wind turbine installation plans for the islands would be worked out in agreement with municipalities and local residents. Commenting on a long-term forecast by Bank of Greece that the country will have spent EUR 700 billion in consumption of fuel, lignite and other costly resources if a permanent shift towards renewable energy sources is not made by 2100, Tsironis said such a development would be hugely detrimental for the country.

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