Guaranteed green power prices adopted


April 1, 2016





April 1, 2016




The Government of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina decided to give consent on the guaranteed prices for the purchase of electrical energy from facilities using renewable sources and efficient cogeneration (CHP). According to the document published on the official website, the value of hydropower is set at BAM 0.29936 (15.31 euro cents) per kilowatt hour, wind power will be purchased for 19 euro cents, electricity from photovoltaic panels costs 27.71 euro cents, generation from biomass brings 16 euro cents for every kilowatt hour, and biogas is worth 36.4 euro cents.

The rulebook on methodology determines that power prices are adjusted once in every 18 months according to input data for tariffs and the change in benchmark price. The purchase value of power from such sources is determined by the Regulatory Commission for Energy in Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and approved by the government.

This year’s total amount of incentives for power generation from renewables and cogeneration was determined to be EUR 4.27 million in February, while the unit before value-added tax was set to 0.05 euro cents per kWh. The incentives are payed by all final buyers of electrical energy in the entity.

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