Incentive for green power set to 0.05 euro cents per kWh


February 12, 2016





February 12, 2016




At a session in Mostar, the Government of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina determined this year’s total amount of incentives for power generation from renewables and cogeneration at BAM 8.35 million (EUR 4.27 million), while the unit before value-added tax was set to 0.05 euro cents per kWh. The incentives are payed by all final buyers of electrical energy in the entity. The amount payed is the product of multiplication of the unit and the total consumption of power, the rule states. The incentive is shown in a section of the electricity bill.

The basic unit of the fee had been determined by a decree in 2010, but there were long breaks in implementation until late 2013 due to harmonization of rules and the process to determine legality of the secondary legislation. Buyers in categories of 0.4 kV and public lighting have so far been paying 0.05 euro cents per kWh. The fee for buyers in the levels of 10 kV, 35 kV and 110 kV and over was 20% to 50% lower. An average household was paying just over 50 euro cents a month at most so far. 

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