French-Serbian conference includes energy, environment



August 13, 2016






August 13, 2016





Investment cooperation agency Business France, Serbian Development Agency – RAS, the Chamber of Industry and Commerce of Serbia and French-Serbian Chamber of Commerce are organizing the French-Serbian Business Conference and Seminar with business-to-business (B2B) meetings to be held on September 15 in Paris.

The focus will be on agriculture, automobile industry, information and communications technology (ICT) as well as energy and environmental protection, with the aim to promote Serbia as an investment destination and present companies from the Balkan country.

State officials of Serbia and France will address the participants, after which firms from both countries will be able to attend round tables for each sector, RAS said. Following the introductory programme, companies will present products and services to domestic counterparts, the announcement adds.

Serbian exports to France grew tenfold from 2009, bringing it to the list of top ten destinations for shipments abroad, while France is also among the first ten economic partners by investments, the press release said.

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