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FGAG Split starts new graduate program for sustainable building from 2018

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September 19, 2016






September 19, 2016





Faculty of Civil Engineering, Architecture and Geodesy (FGAG) from Split, Croatia, introduced new educational graduate program dedicated to sustainable and green building in Mediterranean region. Conference that was held this September at FGAG, marked the ending of a project named “Green and sustainable building in Mediterranean region”, which will result a new university graduate program in compliance with Croatian Qualifications Framework (HKO) named “Graduate educational program of sustainable and green building in Mediterranean region”.

Project, worth EUR 400,000,  was delivered trough meetings, lectures, discussions and educational travelings for 40 teachers and projects partners. Project was almost entirely founded by European social found and a state of Croatia.

“Green and sustainable building in Mediterranean area joins together all three graduate programs offered by FGAG, since it is very important to develop building concept that will save space for the next generations”, explains prof. dr. specialist Boris Trogrlić, FGAG dean.

Projects results were presented by project leaders and coordinators, prof. Hrvoje Njirić and dr. sc. Ivo Andrić: “This is a big step for FGAG and a town od Split, but also for Croatia. It was about time to start thinking green and build in a sustainable manner. This is the solution to educate future experts from the very beginning. Sustainable development is one of our primary goals today and we are proud to see our faculty as a leader in this field”.

For full implementation of the new graduate program some extra steps will be necessary, with support from the state institutions. It is expected that the program will start in two years (2018).

Partners for this project were:

Original name of the initial project: „Razvoj visokoobrazovnih standarda zanimanja i standarda kvalifikacija za područje održive i zelene gradnje uz razvoj novog sveučilišnog diplomskog programa održive i zelene gradnje s naglaskom na mediteransko područje“

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