Energy Efficiency

EUR 1 million for energy efficiency projects


March 5, 2015






March 5, 2015





Nebojša Malenković, head of Capital Investments Administration of Autonomous Province of Vojvodina, presented the potentials for the organisation’s cooperation with local authorities and public institutions at the forum on ‘Energy Efficiency in Municipalities ‒ Implementation of European Regulations and Standards and the Possibilities for Project Financing’ in the town of Kanjiža, reported Serbian media.

The administration shall finance programmes and projects through calls for applications and grant funds for construction, reconstruction, adaptation, readjustment, add-on construction and capital maintenance of buildings and infrastructure objects, project planning and equipment procurement.

The Autonomous Province of Vojvodina provided RSD 120 million (EUR 1 million) from the 2015 budget to grant to energy and energy efficiency projects, he said. Local authorities and public institutions from Vojvodina may apply.

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