Cystat: Solar thermal systems steadily expand


December 31, 2015





December 31, 2015




Electricity production from renewable sources increased from 807 MWh, recorded in 2004, to an estimated 315.8 GWh in 2014, according to Cystat’s annual report issued at the end of last year. The statistical bureau said in the beginning there were no systems connected to the grid, while by the end of the period gross production of 294.4 GWh went online, compared to 311.6 GWh from 2013, from a total gross output of 326.9 GWh. Year on year, the production rose from 47 GWh to 82.4 GWh in photovoltaic systems, and it fell from 231 GWh to 182.8 GWh in wind facilities, while output from biomass rose less than 2 GWh to 50.57 GWh.

Heat production from renewable sources more than doubled from 2000 through 2014 to 3.05 terajoules, largely dominated by solar thermal systems and their steady rise in capacity and output.

Electricity generation in 2014 was 4.35 TWh, compared to 4.29 TWh from the year before. Total consumption rose from 3.89 TWh to 3.92 TWh, mostly due to increases in industrial and agricultural segments, while slight declines were recorded in areas of domestic and commercial consumption and public lighting. The value of electricity consumption was EUR 721 million, compared to EUR 805 million from 2013.

Gross production in the grid of the Electricity Authority of Cyprus rose from 4.25 TWh to 4.3 TWh on the year, while net production increased less, from 4.08 TWh to 4.1 TWh, with losses of 186 GWh and 182 GWh, respectively. Power prices rose from 9.7 euro cents per KWh to 18.66 cents from 2004 through 2014, the report said, and they peaked at 23.91 euro cents in 2012.

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