Efficient lighting for 20 municipalities, communities


June 11, 2015





June 11, 2015




Works on replacing 56,000 street lamps with energy-saving lighting in 20 municipalities and communities are expected to start in October, Cyprus News said. According to preliminary calculations, savings on electricity cost may be up to 50%, said the report published by Sigma Live. Energy consumption may drop by 15,000 MWh per year, which is equivalent to 6,000 tons of carbon-dioxide emissions. Procedure has been set to motion in order to find investors. Cyprus Energy Agency, responsible for the tender for the selection of energy savings companies (ESCO) which will perform the works, carried out sampling of the light’s intensity.

The announcement said energy efficiency in public lighting is a priority for local self-governments, which aim to curb carbon emissions significantly and to cut expenses on public lighting, taking up more than 10% of their budgets.

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