Cadastre of mining waste in Serbia – project in progress

January 12, 2018


The Cadastre of Mining Waste in the Republic of Serbia is a technical assistance project that The Ministry of Mining and Energy (MoME) has been implemented in partnership with the European Union (EU) since February 2017. The goal of this 3 year long project is to further develop and improve the mining waste management system in Serbia by creating a cadastre of mining waste.

Systematized and complete information about abandoned mining waste sites in Serbia do not exist yet, thus one of the priorities of this project is the identification of abandoned mining waste sites, assessment of environmental impact and establishment of a database for management and remediation of these sites.

The cadastre is to be created in the form of a web application and a book.  At the same time, experts are also to produce a risk assessment, characterization and classification of mining waste from some 250 abandoned mining waste sites and from 200 active mines in Serbia, as well as three case studies on three different types of mining waste.

This is one of the first of so-called decentralized management system projects, which means that the project is financed by the EU, implemented within the institutions of the Republic of Serbia and under control of the EU Delegation in Serbia.

The project’s total value is EUR 2.1 million: 90% is financed by the European Union and 10% by the Government of the Republic of Serbia. The project is implemented by a consortium of German companies PLEJADES and DMT.

The overall objective of this project is also to provide assistance to Serbia in transposing the EU environmental and climate legislation through institution building and improvement of the environmental infrastructure.

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