Belgrade’s power distribution replacing 20,000 meters


November 25, 2015





November 25, 2015




The procedure of receiving offers is being completed on November 26 for the installation of 20,000 power meters in Belgrade through a public call. EPS distribucija, the public operator, changed the terms since publishing the need for 25,000 single- and three-phase devices, while Feman d. o. o. from Jagodina, one of the potential bidders, filed for rights protection.

The open procedure has the lowest price as the main criterium, and a longer warrant as the secondary rule. The documents show the decision is to be made within 25 days from the opening of offers. The procurement, filed as 253/2014, includes a participation fee of RSD 80,000 (EUR 663) for an offer of up to EUR 663.000, or 0.1% of the price if it is bigger than that sum.

State-owned utility EPS is using an EUR 80 million loan from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and the European Investment Bank for procurement within the EPS Metering project.


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