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Share of coal power in Greece tumbles to zero

20 May 2024 - Greece went seven days without coal power in the system as natural gas plants and renewables were far more competitive

GGF Kostadinov Green investment inflection point many countries

GGF’s Kostadinov: Green investment is nearing inflection point in many countries

20 May 2024 - The Balkans require a critical mass of renewables development to unleash green investment, Borislav Kostadinov from GGF said at Belgrade Energy Forum

Turkey adds 1 3 GW solar power capacity April alone

Turkey adds 1.3 GW in solar power capacity in April alone

17 May 2024 - Photovoltaic capacity in Turkey reached 13.9 GW by the end of last month or a stunning 1.3 GW more than on March 31

Serbia Hungary market coupling Mátyás Vajta Belgrade Energy Forum

Serbia, Hungary to start market coupling within weeks

15 May 2024 - An MoU on electricity market coupling between Hungary and Serbia will be signed within weeks, CEO of HUPX Mátyás Vajta announced at Belgrade Energy Forum

Szijjarto No responsible green energy policy without nuclear power electric mobility

Szijjártó: No responsible green energy policy without nuclear power, electric mobility

13 May 2024 - Energy policy has become a hostage of ideological debates and hypocrisy, Hungary's Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Péter Szijjártó said at Belgrade Energy Forum

CBAM ante portas – the ball is in Serbia’s court to facilitate conditions for its companies

CBAM ante portas – the ball is in Serbia’s court to facilitate conditions for its companies

12 May 2024 - Industrial players in Serbia have all the knowhow for minimizing emissions and participating in the country's environmental renewal, according to Lafarge Serbia's CEO Dimitrije Knjeginjić

State owned DEM operate Slovenia fourth wind turbine

State-owned DEM to operate Slovenia’s fourth wind turbine

10 May 2024 - Dravske elektrarne Maribor hired Ljubljana-based Hmezad TMT for the construction of a single-turbine wind power plant in southern Slovenia

Chinese company Hunan Rich solar panel factory Serbia

Chinese company Hunan Rich to build solar panel factory in Serbia

09 May 2024 - Chinese company Hunan Rich Photovoltaic Science and Technology signed a deal for a solar power panel factory and photovoltaic plant in Serbia

Japan Bistrica pumped storage hydropower project JICA Serbia

Japan approves participation in Bistrica pumped storage hydropower project in Serbia

08 May 2024 - Japan has formalized the participation of state agency JICA in the Bistrica pumped storage hydropower project in Serbia

Renewables record 30 global electricity 2023 growth solar wind Ember

Solar, wind push renewables to record 30% global electricity share

08 May 2024 - Renewables generated a record 30% of global electricity in 2023, driven by growth in solar and wind, Ember said in an annual report

MFG Ltd tradition innovation sustainability energy future

MFG Ltd – tradition, innovation, and sustainability for the energy of the future

08 May 2024 - MFG - Matić Family Group is a conglomerate of companies founded by the Matić family, whose entrepreneurial story dates back to the early 1930s

Carbon capture still no alternative decarbonizing cement industry

Carbon capture still has no alternative for decarbonizing cement industry

07 May 2024 - Cement has no credible alternatives for decarbonization without carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS), Carbon Tracker found


Turkey-based Yıldırım building 109 MW solar park in Kosovo* for its ferronickel plant

07 May 2024 - Yıldırım Energy marked the start of construction works on a 150 MW solar farm in Kosovo*. It will supply the group's ferronickel plant.

Slovenia coal plant TES close already within three years

Slovenia’s coal plant TEŠ could close already within three years

06 May 2024 - Slovenian Prime Minister Robert Golob said coal plant TEŠ and its accompanying mine may end operations before the expected closure in 2033


Croatia’s HEP preparing to build pumped storage hydropower plant Blaca

06 May 2024 - HEP Group's pumped storage hydropower plant Blaca would have a capacity of 498 MW in turbine mode and 489 MW in pumping mode


EU completing Green Deal Industrial Plan as Net Zero Industry Act awaits go-ahead

01 May 2024 - The European Union's Net Zero Industry Act is about to come into force, completing legislative work within the Green Deal Industrial Plan

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