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Drought lowers hydropower plant output in Serbia, Europe

10 August 2022 - The water flow in Serbia's hydropower system dropped by a half, increasing the need for electricity imports, but the situation is similar across Europe


Heatwaves, drought hit Europe in world’s third warmest July ever

10 August 2022 - Prolonged and intense heatwaves affected parts of Europe during July and are continuing in August

EU power gas prices smashing records drought EdF nuclear setback

EU power, gas prices smashing records amid drought, EdF’s nuclear plant setback

03 August 2022 - Low water levels in major rivers disturb the operation of nuclear power plants and the transportation of coal

Drought cost Montenegro EPCG utility EUR 100 million third quarter

Drought to cost Montenegro’s EPCG utility EUR 100 million in third quarter

01 August 2022 - State-owned power producer EPCG said it would have to import 294 GWh of electricity in the three months through September due to drought

olive-drought-stricken-Italy Climate-change-impacting-wine

Climate change impacting wine, olive production in drought-stricken Italy

20 July 2022 - The Italian way of life is under threat, especially in the valley of the river Po, which turned into a creek due to the ongoing drought

north macedonia drought flood electricity

Power system in North Macedonia suffers due to flood, drought

10 November 2020 - Due to the low water levels the country has decided to terminate the production in all hydropower plants, and to import electricity.

ERS starts electricity imports over drought, TPP Gacko overhaul, accident at HPP Plat

11 April 2019 - Due to low water levels, the overhaul of thermal power plant (TPP) Gacko, which will...

EPBiH not to pay dividends for 2017 as drought drives down profit

05 June 2018 - Shareholders of power utility Elektroprivreda BiH (EPBiH), majority owned by the Federation of Bosnia and...

Albania forced to import 80 percent of electricity due to drought

10 August 2017 - Albania has to import around 80 percent of electricity to cover consumption due to the...

Albania launches procedure for electricity import due to drought

26 June 2017 - Albania has launched import procedure for 285,000 MWh of electricity for over one month period....

Balkan countries must manage floods, droughts together

28 January 2016 - There are cooperation and communication mechanisms missing between neighboring countries, in order to take into...

Albania production battery energy storage systems

Project launched in Albania for production of battery energy storage systems

27 February 2024 - Vega Solar agreed with an unnamed Indian company to build the first lithium ion battery factory in Albania

Most read 2023 Balkan Green Energy News

Most read articles on Balkan Green Energy News in 2023

29 December 2023 - The more the energy transition progresses, the more questions and challenges arise. Here are the most important topics, according to the readers of Balkan Green Energy News.

Serbia adopts first Programme for Adaptation to Changed Climatic Conditions with Action Plan

Serbia adopts first Programme for Adaptation to Changed Climatic Conditions with Action Plan

29 December 2023 - The action plan for the period 2024-2026 defines 25 measures and the financial and institutional frame and timeline

climate change dialogue serbia cop28 un undp

Countdown to COP28: temperature growth in Serbia is 60% above global average

27 November 2023 - In anticipation of the most important world meeting on climate change, Serbia has organized an event called Dialogue on Climate Change

IEA Fatih Birol Climate change indifferent geopolitical rivalries

IEA’s Birol: Climate change is indifferent to geopolitical rivalries

27 September 2023 - IEA's head Fatih Birol warned that governments need to separate climate issues from geopolitics on the pathway toward net zero emissions

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