Works for energy efficient hospital starting soon


August 9, 2015


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August 9, 2015


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Health minister Nikola Todorov presented the project for the new building with 354 beds in the hospital complex in the town of Štip in Macedonia’s east. The construction of the facility of 34,000 square meters should start in October and last two years, with a budget of EUR 30 million.

Todorov specified on August 7 that energy efficiency measures include Building Management System for control over electric installations, machines and managing hospital rooms, with automatic air conditioning and lighting. Medical departments that work non-stop will be grouped together. Roof surfaces are planned for gardens with an irrigation system, and the façade is designed for sophisticated insulation, the minister added.

Architect Ljiljana Mitrović, who received an award for the building’s design last year at the Macedonian Architecture Biennale, said the preparation of technical documentation lasted two years. She added the green roofs would improve the microclimate and cut noise. In Mitrović’s words, natural energy sources will be utilized, and the insolation and aeration of the façade will be controlled.

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