Wastewater disposal challenging for Republic of Srpska



June 1, 2016





June 1, 2016




The water supply system in local communities in the Republic of Srpska reached an advanced stage, but the problem is the disposal of wastewater, said Branka Trninić, head of Association of Republika Srpska Waterworks, news agency Srna carried. Ahead of a conference about water supply and sewage systems, held at Jahorina, she stated the objective is to minimize losses in water systems because the smaller of two entities of Bosnia and Herzegovina is below the European Union average due to the fact that very little is invested in the maintenance of the system.

She reminded a modern facility for water purification was opened in Bijeljina at the beginning of the year. According to her words, it is also very important to work on the protection of water wells, for which significant financial resources are required, but it is a prerequisite for the high quality of drinking water.

The 16th International Conference on Water Supply and Sewerage Systems was held from May 25 to May 27 in Pale, in the country’s east. The event organized by the Association for Water Technology and Sanitary Engineering (UTVSI) brought together experts, academics and practitioners from the region to discuss options and solutions for improvement of water management, basically water supply and sanitation, provision of safe drinking water, hydro-technical and technological aspects of water supply systems, water protection – wastewater treatment and sewerage services, capacity building of water supply and sewerage utility companies, asset management, regional cooperation in the framework of Danube Water Program – International Association of Waterworks in Danube Catchment Area.

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