Three-day event on water management held in Belgrade


June 8, 2016






June 8, 2016





After five RENEXPO events, REECO SRB organized water management conferences, forum and trade fair, from June 6 to June 8. The main topics were disaster risk management with issues of flood prevention and protection in the region, wastewater treatment with reclamation and purification, wells and pipes for drinking water and management of water resources. Side programmes at the event in Belgrade included a round table for municipalities in the region and a training conference on how to apply on tenders.

On the opening day, it was heard at the conference that climate change is a reality so that flood control is very important. All participants stressed the significance of water for life on earth, especially for mankind, since water now has an important role in the world economy.

Dušan Jović from Serbian Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection said it is estimated that one billion people do not have access to clean water and that over two billion live without adequate wastewater management. According to his words, it is estimated that by 2025 more than a half of human population will be faced with water shortages, and by 2030, in some undeveloped areas, demand for water could surpass production by half. Jović also stressed floods in the region showed that only international coordination and cooperation can help prevent disasters.

“As it was seen recently in Western European countries, which are well equipped, tragedies occur, like in France and Germany. We can see that nobody is safe from floods,” said Myriam Dobrota, director of REECO SRB.

Gabriela Bennemann, head of the economic department at the Embassy of Germany in Serbia, said the latest floods showed how dangerous water can be and stressed that due to climate change they can occur more often in the future. Since water is the source of life, its proper management is very significant, she added.

Heike Burghard from German Water Partnership underlined water is the main prerequisite of the economy because investors are looking for places with good water and wastewater management.

Congress RENEXPO Water Management was the first international professional meeting and conference on the forementioned issues in the Western Balkans.


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