Tešanj starts collecting small electronic waste


June 2, 2016





June 2, 2016




Mayor Suad Huskić, principals of nine primary and three secondary schools in the municipality of Tešanj, representatives of company Eko servis and association Eko mladi signed an agreement on the collection of batteries, light bulbs and small electronic waste.

The municipality located in the northern part of Bosnia and Herzegovina said it implements the project with the support of the cantonal Ministry for Transportation, Communication and Environment. The local authority will provide infrastructure for schools to participate in the project for the collection of batteries, light bulbs and small electronic waste.

Almost three million PET bottles were collected so far, mayor of Tesanj municipality said.

“This is an extension of the successful project that lasts for seven years already – the collection of PET packaging, in which so far almost three million PET bottles was collected. That shows we are aware of importance of this project and that we love our environment. I believe we will continue with the realization of both projects,” Huskić said.

Pupils from primary and secondary school and school staff will work on the collection of batteries, light bulbs and small electronic waste, and conduct training that will contribute to the promotion of recycling.



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