Turkey USD 100 billion energy transition program grid

Turkey prepares USD 100 billion energy transition program, USD 10 billion for grid

08 December 2023 - Turkey has pledged to double renewable energy generation capacity by adding 60 GW of solar and wind by 2035

eu action plan grids european commission

Industry welcomes EU’s grid action plan but criticizes lack of some crucial measures

29 November 2023 - The European Commission has presented a 14-point action plan for seven challenges to improving electricity grids

ems spain grant energy transition study

Spain to provide grant to Serbia’s TSO EMS for energy transition study

28 November 2023 - The study should help Serbia’s TSO prepare for connecting renewable electricity plants to the national grid

rudis alibunar I wind farm serbia

Serbia gets new wind farm after four years

01 November 2023 - The inauguration of VE Alibunar I could be seen as an overture to the second wave of investments in wind energy in Serbia

dogger bank wind farm first power

Dogger Bank, world’s largest offshore wind farm, starts producing electricity

10 October 2023 - The Dogger Bank Wind Farm project has delivered several world-firsts in supply chain delivery, the investors said