Bulgaria named EU’s top SO2 polluter, accused of “persistent” breaches of limit values

25 January 2021 - Three environmental organizations have accused Bulgaria of systemically and persistently violating the European Union’s (EU)...


Clean Air for All – How polluted air harms human health

05 December 2020 - Pollution in the air we breathe can cause a wide range of adverse health impacts, from respiratory illnesses to heart disease to stroke.

res foundation air pollution conference belgrade

World Bank: Main sources of air pollution in Belgrade are heating, road transport, coal power plants

03 December 2020 - The largest sources of pollution are in the urban area - heating and road transport, but also outside the urban area - thermal power plants.

desulphurization so2 TENT B grcic mihajlovic vujovic

SO2 emissions from Nikola Tesla B coal plant to be reduced 20 times by 2024

02 December 2020 - One of the ten largest SO2 emitters among power plants in Europe starts the construcution of a flue gas desulphurization facility.

coal-fired power plants air pollution Kosovo*

Two coal-fired power plants generate alarming air pollution in Kosovo*

28 August 2020 - Two coal-fired power plants, Kosova A and Kosova B, are the main source of the...

Bor air pollution

Fresh protest held in Serbia’s Bor over excessive air pollution

15 October 2019 - A third protest this year has been held in Bor in eastern Serbia over excessive...


EU refers Bulgaria to court for high values of SO2 caused by coal-fired power plants

31 July 2019 - The European Commission has decided to refer Bulgaria and Spain to the Court of Justice...


Environmental protection fee in Serbia now calculated based on pollutant emissions

23 April 2019 - The Serbian government has adopted a decree on criteria for determining activities impacting the environment...

Financing agreement signed to build new CHP plant, resolve Zenica’s top polluter

18 March 2019 - A financing agreement has been signed for a EUR 53 million project to build a...

EU project expected to mobilize EUR 1.4 billion to tackle polluting household heating in Bulgaria

20 February 2019 - The European Commission has approved a EUR 16.7 million project to improve air quality in...

Western Balkan coal power plants are health, economic liability for entire Europe – environmental organizations

19 February 2019 - Sixteen outdated coal power plants in the Western Balkans are a public health and economic...

Kosova e Re thermal power Energy Community

Construction launched on flue-gas desulfurization systems at coal-fired power plant TENT A

14 February 2019 - The construction of flue-gas desulfurization systems has begun at thermal power plant (TPP) Termoelektrana Nikola...

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