Member states EU alliance small modular reactors

Member states urge EU to create alliance for small modular reactors

06 November 2023 - Twelve European Union member countries asked the European Commission to create an industrial alliance for small modular nuclear reactors


Romania’s planned SMR to be part of nuclear-solar power complex

04 August 2023 - The nuclear-solar complex in Doicești in Romania is planned to include Europe’s first small modular nuclear reactor

Slovenia adopts new spatial strategy to pave way for nuclear reactors, SMRs

05 July 2023 - Slovenia has adopted a new spatial planning strategy until 2050, which allows for building small modular reactors and expanding the Krško nuclear power plant

Small modular reactors 2 share global electricity supply 2043

Small modular reactors seen with 2% share of global electricity supply in 2043

29 June 2023 - The next decade will be the one of establishment for small modular reactors, with early demonstration units built – IDTechEx's new outlook

Finnish company aims to decarbonize district heating with small modular nuclear reactors

Finnish company to decarbonize district heating with small modular nuclear reactors

28 June 2023 - Finland-based Steady Energy plans to build the world's first SMR for district heating and expects to have it running by 2030

JEK2 Second unit Slovenia Krsko nuclear power plant cost EUR 11 billion

Second unit of Slovenia’s Krško nuclear power plant to cost up to EUR 11 billion

27 June 2023 - Slovenia is speeding up the JEK2 nuclear project in Krško, aiming to complete it by 2037, Prime Minister Robert Golob said


Sweden paves way for new nuclear capacity by dropping 100% renewables target

26 June 2023 - Sweden has changed its electricity mix target from “100% renewable” to “100% fossil-free”


Nuclearelectrica inks deal on SMR nuclear plant deployment in Romania, region

19 June 2023 - The memorandum envisages installing US-developed SMR plants at a former coal power plant in Romania and elsewhere in Central and Eastern Europe

US USD 275 million SMR nuclear Romania

US earmarks USD 275 million for SMR nuclear project in Romania

24 May 2023 - The US revealed the intention to facilitate up to USD 275 million in financing for the small modular reactor that NuScale plans in Romania

Pro-nuclear members G7 stress nuclear energy role decarbonization

Pro-nuclear members of G7 stress nuclear energy’s role in decarbonization

17 April 2023 - Right after Germany shut down its last reactors, the pro-nuclear countries in the G7 praised nuclear energy's potential

French EDF moves ahead to small modular reactor Nuward prototype

French EDF is one step closer to building Nuward small modular reactor prototype

05 April 2023 - To advance the development of its SMR technology, French nuclear operator Électricité de France – EDF founded a subsidiary called Nuward


NEA launches SMR Dashboard to track small nuclear reactor development

17 March 2023 - Small modular nuclear reactors can reshape the energy market and help the world reach net zero emissions by 2050, NEA says

Who will win the race to install first small modular nuclear reactor Holtec SMR

Who will win the race to install first small modular nuclear reactor

12 February 2023 - Judging by recent announcements, small modular nuclear reactors (SMR) are pushing ahead strongly on both sides of the Atlantic

France extend operating life nuclear power plants

France to extend operating life of its nuclear power plants

08 February 2023 - Breakdowns in nuclear power plants and extreme weather conditions turned France into a net power importer last year

Simson: Up to EUR 450 billion is needed to maintain nuclear capacity in EU

Simson: Up to EUR 450 billion is needed to maintain nuclear capacity in EU

15 November 2022 - Investments of about EUR 350 – 450 billion will be needed in the coming decades...

Romania Nuclearelectrica joint venture small modular nuclear reactors

Romania’s Nuclearelectrica launches joint venture for small modular nuclear reactors

28 September 2022 - Nuclearelectrica and Nova Power and Gas launched RoPower Nuclear, a project firm for the development of small modular reactors in Romania

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