EPBiH plans to start buying electricity from private producers

29 August 2022 - EPBiH has issued a public call for the procurement of electricity produced from renewable sources and through high-efficiency cogeneration

Winners announced at Croatia's first utility-scale renewables auctions

Croatia announces winners from its first utility-scale renewables auctions

22 July 2022 - The Croatian electricity market operator (HROTE) has declared 16 bids as winners, while three were rejected


No more permits for small hydropower plants in Federation of BiH

11 July 2022 - The Federation of BiH banned permitting for small hydropower plants of up to 10 MW in capacity, but activists say the struggle is not over

Federation Bosnia Herzegovina one last step ban small hydropower plants

One more step to definitely ban small hydropower plants in FBiH

08 June 2022 - The Parliament of FBiH must ban small hydropower plants before the elections or the initiative may fail, environmentalist Anes Podić warns

Federation of BiH suspends issuance of permits for small hydropower plants

Federation of BiH to suspend issuance of permits for small hydropower plants

02 May 2022 - The Government of the Federation of BiH has adopted a bill on amendments to the Law on electricity in the Federation of BiH

Kosovo 250 MW pumped storage hydropower

Kosovo* processing application for 250 MW pumped storage hydropower plant

28 April 2022 - Kosovo's regulator ERO received applications in 2021 for 298 MW in total, of which one is a 250 MW pumped storage hydropower plant

Slovenia Prapretno biggest solar power plant

Slovenia inaugurates Prapretno, its biggest solar power plant

08 April 2022 - The Hrastnik municipality now hosts the largest solar power plant in Slovenia, and other projects are underway

EPBiH renewable energy projects operational plants buy

EPBiH seeks renewable energy projects, operational plants to buy

08 March 2022 - Persons and firms have the opportunity to sell their renewable energy projects or power plants to Bosnia and Herzegovina's EPBiH

Hydropower projects in the Federation of BiH are falling

Hydropower projects in Federation of BiH failing, KfW exits

02 February 2022 - Germany's KfW gave up on a project, ten concessions have been annulled, and a public debate on banning small hydropower plants is underway

Two nature jams become national parks - Stara Planina and Kučaj-Beljanica

Two nature gems to become national parks – Stara planina and Kučaj-Beljanica

08 January 2022 - Serbia will declare two national parks - Stara planina and Kučaj-Beljanica, both mountain areas in the eastern part of the country

Many small hydropower plants are illegal, auditors found in Northern Macedonia

Many small hydropower plants are illegal, auditors in North Macedonia find

24 December 2021 - The State Audit Office of Northern Macedonia identified serious omissions in the concessions for small hydropower plants

Renewable energy projects 95 GW compete Greece

Renewable energy projects of 95 GW compete for completion in Greece

02 December 2021 - An overwhelming number of renewable energy projects received a production license or a producer certificate in Greece so far

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