Serbia declares principles for drafting law on renewable energy

Serbia issues guidelines for draft law on renewable energy

04 January 2021 - The Ministry of Mining and Energy has published the starting points for the upcoming draft law and invited the public to submit suggestions.

Slovenia eases procedure energy communities

Slovenia eases procedure for establishment of energy communities

31 December 2020 - The government changed regulations in order to promote communities that jointly produce energy from renewables and install batteries

Mayor activists Sofia renewables air pollution

Mayor promises activists Sofia would install renewables to cut air pollution

23 December 2020 - Sofia Mayor Yordanka Fandakova told Greenpeace Bulgaria the city would step up measures to reduce air pollution

guidelines energy community prosumers experts

Energy Community’s new guidelines remove barriers to prosumer development, experts say

01 December 2020 - Experts from BiH, North Macedonia, and Serbia highlight the new elements in the Energy Community’s policy guidelines on prosumers.


North Macedonia plans 50% renewables share in electricity production by 2024

25 September 2020 - North Macedonia will increase its efforts to speed up energy transition in order to increase...

Energy transition BiH chance development

Energy transition in BiH: burden or chance for development

11 September 2020 - Experts Damir Miljević, Nikola Rajaković and Igor Kalaba called for reform and the beginning of...

Solar power affordable firms, households

Solar power is becoming more affordable for firms, households in Serbia

26 August 2020 - Solar power systems are getting cheaper every year. During the industry’s boom in Europe and...


Solar power boom in Slovenia – almost 2,500 solar plants installed in 2019

06 August 2020 - In 2019 Slovenia installed 2,496 solar photovoltaic systems with a total capacity of 31.2 MW...


Shaping the role of renewables self-consumers in the Energy Community

08 July 2020 - Author: Jasmina Trhulj, Head of Electricity Unit, Energy Community Secretariat At the start of the...

Silba island Croatia drinking water power solar

Silba island may use solar power to turn seawater into drinking water

01 July 2020 - A desalinization system powered by photovoltaics was proposed for Silba in a preinvestment study produced...


Energy Community launches public consultation on policy guidelines on renewables self-consumers

23 June 2020 - The Energy Community Secretariat is seeking views on the draft policy guidelines on the integration...


Montenegrin government proposes Law on Energy, eases rules for prosumers

15 June 2020 - The Government of Montenegro has adopted the draft Law on Energy to make it easier...

Montenegro to amend Law on Energy to boost renewables, regulate power exchange

Montenegro to amend Law on Energy to boost renewables, regulate power exchange

13 March 2020 - A public call was issued for proposals and suggestions to remove obstacles for connecting structures...

Estfeed – safe use of smart meter data in order to lower energy costs

27 January 2020 - Estfeed is a highly secure and transparent data sharing platform developed by the Estonian transmission...

Albania net metering

Albania launches net metering for solar PV prosumers

19 July 2019 - Albania has put in place a net metering scheme for solar photovoltaic (PV) prosumers, the...

Smart metering project connects 300 solar panel owners in decentralized power network

20 May 2019 - The LIFE+ SmartPV project has connected around 300 solar panel owners in Cyprus in a...

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