Wind turbine repairs at Siemens Gamesa amplify Siemens Energy’s multibillion loss

08 August 2023 - Siemens Gamesa took out EUR 2.2 billion from Siemens Energy's results due to quality issues and rising costs in the wind power business


Sweden blocks Vattenfall’s offshore wind project to protect nature, shipping

31 July 2023 - The proposed wind farm would have produced between 2.5 TWh and 3 TWh a year, an equivalent of 1.5% of Sweden’s electricity consumption

Dickson WindEurope keep pushing back uncapped negative bidding auctions

WindEurope to keep pushing back against uncapped negative bidding in auctions

18 July 2023 - BP and TotalEnergies have to pay vast sums to build offshore wind plants in Germany, which unsettled the industry. Giles Dickson says WindEurope would keep opposing the model.

bp totalenergies auctions germany offshore wind

BP, TotalEnergies win German auctions with EUR 12.6 billion in bids for offshore wind farms of 7 GW

13 July 2023 - The results confirm the attractiveness of investing in offshore wind energy in Germany, said Klaus Müller, President of the Bundesnetzagentur

Turkey over 20 GW nuclear power capacity 2050s

Turkey targets over 20 GW in nuclear power capacity by 2050s

12 July 2023 - Turkey is making plans for its second and third nuclear power plants and the deployment of several small modular reactors

bsog power corridor black sea offshore wind farm

Permitting starts for power link for planned offshore wind farms in Black Sea

07 July 2023 - The investment will deliver the first power corridor in the Romanian Black Sea, according to Black Sea Oil & Gas (BSOG)


Global Wind Day: Wind power capacity to pass 1 TW milestone by end-2023

15 June 2023 - Global Wind Day, celebrated on June 15, is dedicated to the power of wind and its potential to reshape energy systems

Abazovic Montenegro achieve energy independence 2030

Abazović: Montenegro to achieve energy independence in 2030

02 June 2023 - Outgoing Prime Minister Dritan Abazović said his pre-election coalition is pledging to make Montenegro energy independent in 2030

Oil companies Southeastern Europe accelerate renewable energy investments

Oil companies in Southeastern Europe accelerate renewable energy investments

30 May 2023 - INA, OMV Petrom, Motor Oil and MOL revealed a series of investments that indicate a shift in the sector toward renewables in the region

BEF 2023 Flexibility services business opportunity renewables producers

BEF 2023: Flexibility services are business opportunity for renewables producers

17 May 2023 - The flexibility and digitalization panel at BEF 2023 acknowledged how difficult it is to integrate hundreds of gigawatts from new solar and wind power plants, but it also pointed to business opportunities in the emerging ancillary and system services

offshore wind

First offshore wind farms in Greece to be installed in five zones in Aegean Sea

16 May 2023 - Greece aims to install its first offshore wind turbines, with a total capacity of 2.1 GW, in five regions of the Aegean Sea

croatia offshore wind potential 25 GW study floating wind solar

Croatia’s offshore wind potential estimated at 25 GW

15 May 2023 - It is the result of the Action Plan for Renewable Energy Sources at Sea in Croatia, the first such study prepared in the country

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