small modular reactors russia us china report new nuclear watch institute

Russian, Chinese SMR designs poised to dominate global fleet

05 January 2024 - The report from London-based New Nuclear Watch Institute identifies and analyzes the top 25 small modular reactor projects

EU fossil-fired power plants production at lowest levels since records began - Ember

EU fossil-fired power plant production slumps to all-time low – Ember

31 August 2023 - The first half of 2023 saw a collapse in electricity production from fossil fuels in the EU to a record low, think tank Ember said

denkov golob bled nuclear power

Bulgaria offers Slovenia to become part of project to install new nuclear reactors at Kozloduy

29 August 2023 - Bulgarian Prime Minister Nikolay Denkov invited Slovenian Prime Minister Robert Golob to establish cooperation

End of nuclear era in Germany

13 April 2023 - Germany is abandoning nuclear power – this week, the country will take the remaining three plants off the grid

gorazd pfeifer nek krsko president management board

Gorazd Pfeifer is new president of management board of Krško NPP

12 April 2023 - The president of the management board of the nuclear power plant is nominated by Slovenia's state-owned power utility GEN Energija

French EDF moves ahead to small modular reactor Nuward prototype

French EDF is one step closer to building Nuward small modular reactor prototype

05 April 2023 - To advance the development of its SMR technology, French nuclear operator Électricité de France – EDF founded a subsidiary called Nuward

us renewables texas coal nuclear eia

Renewables outpace coal for first time in US power production

30 March 2023 - The US power sector produced 4,090 TWh last year, and the share of renewables was 21%, the Energy Information Administration said.

Climate change, water scarcity jeopardizing French nuclear fleet

24 March 2023 - The safety and operation of 56 existing reactors, as well as the planned ones, must be adapted to increasing climate extremes

Nuclear power makes comeback to Japan’s energy plans

24 December 2022 - Following plans to abandon nuclear power after the 2011 Fukushima disaster, Japan is now heading in a different direction

Simson: Up to EUR 450 billion is needed to maintain nuclear capacity in EU

Simson: Up to EUR 450 billion is needed to maintain nuclear capacity in EU

15 November 2022 - Investments of about EUR 350 – 450 billion will be needed in the coming decades...

Poland builds 3 nuclear power plants

Poland to build three nuclear power plants

01 November 2022 - Poland plans to build three nuclear power plants with a total capacity of 9 GW by 2040. The government picked Westinghouse for the first one.

Hungary to build Paks II nuclear power plant with Russia

31 August 2022 - Russian state-owned nuclear power company received the approval for the construction of two blocks at the Paks II nuclear power plant

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