nuclear power plant

End of nuclear era in Germany

13 April 2023 - Germany is abandoning nuclear power – this week, the country will take the remaining three plants off the grid

gorazd pfeifer nek krsko president management board

Gorazd Pfeifer is new president of management board of Krško NPP

12 April 2023 - The president of the management board of the nuclear power plant is nominated by Slovenia's state-owned power utility GEN Energija

Climate change, water scarcity jeopardizing French nuclear fleet

24 March 2023 - The safety and operation of 56 existing reactors, as well as the planned ones, must be adapted to increasing climate extremes


EU presents proposals for electricity market design reform

14 March 2023 - The revision to the electricity market design is aimed at switching away from short-term markets, boosting electrification and renewables and protecting consumers

rosen hristov nuclear energy security zagreb

Decarbonization, energy security impossible without nuclear energy – Hristov

03 March 2023 - Bulgaria is one of the 10 European Union member states that supported France in the initiative to form a pro-nuclear bloc

France extend operating life nuclear power plants

France to extend operating life of its nuclear power plants

08 February 2023 - Breakdowns in nuclear power plants and extreme weather conditions turned France into a net power importer last year

Second unit of Krško nuclear power plant projected to come online in 2035

27 January 2023 - The second unit in the Krško nuclear power plant could be in operation in 2035, but project permits are still pending

turkey energy hydrogen strategy fatih donmez

Turkey presents energy, hydrogen strategies to meet 2053 net zero target

25 January 2023 - Minister Fatih Dönmez said the share of renewables in primary energy consumption would reach 23.7% in 2035

Krško nuclear power plant extends operation for another 20 years

Krško nuclear power plant to extend operation for another 20 years

18 January 2023 - The Slovenian government has issued an environmental approval to extend the operating life of the Krško nuclear power plant until 2043

Most read articles on Balkan Green Energy News in 2022

Most read articles on Balkan Green Energy News in 2022

31 December 2022 - With Russia's attack on Ukraine, the energy crisis took over from the coronavirus pandemic as topic number one this year

Nuclear power makes comeback to Japan’s energy plans

24 December 2022 - Following plans to abandon nuclear power after the 2011 Fukushima disaster, Japan is now heading in a different direction

Simson: Up to EUR 450 billion is needed to maintain nuclear capacity in EU

Simson: Up to EUR 450 billion is needed to maintain nuclear capacity in EU

15 November 2022 - Investments of about EUR 350 – 450 billion will be needed in the coming decades...

US Exim Bank finance construction nuclear reactors Romania

US Exim Bank to finance construction of nuclear reactors in Romania

11 November 2022 - The US Export–Import Bank said it intends to provide USD 3 billion for two additional reactors in Romania's Cernavodă nuclear power plant

Poland builds 3 nuclear power plants

Poland to build three nuclear power plants

01 November 2022 - Poland plans to build three nuclear power plants with a total capacity of 9 GW by 2040. The government picked Westinghouse for the first one.

golob nuclear power plant krsko nek

Golob: Right time for nuclear, Slovenia to decide on referendum

01 November 2022 - Slovenia is planning to increase the power generation from nuclear energy, and Croatia is also interested in joining the investment

Germany to extend operation of three nuclear power plants by April 2023 olaf scholz

Germany to extend operation of three nuclear power plants until April 2023

18 October 2022 - Germany is trying to ensure a stable supply of energy and lower the prices of electricity and natural gas

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