serbia azerbaijan natural gas memorandum djedovic

Serbia seals the deal with Azerbaijan for gas supply

15 November 2023 - It would be the first shipment of gas from Azerbaijan to Serbia. The two countries have also signed an MoU on energy cooperation.


US, Serbia discuss ways to boost energy ties

13 November 2023 - Serbia has picked a consortium of Hyundai Engineering, Hyundai ENG America, and UGT Renewables to build 1 GW of solar power plants

north macedonia bulgaria tax russia gas court

North Macedonia threatens to sue EU, Bulgaria over transit tax for Russian gas

03 November 2023 - The country is prepared to sue the EU and Bulgaria if it doesn’t get the possibility to avoid the costs of Bulgaria’s tax on Russian gas


EU: Up to Bulgaria to decide how to use income from gas transit tax

31 October 2023 - Bulgaria can decide on its own what to do with income from the transit tax for Russian gas, the European Commission said

greece north macedonia natural gas pipeline

Greece, North Macedonia reach final investment decision on natural gas interconnector

30 October 2023 - Greece’s National Natural Gas System Operator - DESFA and North Macedonia’s natural gas transmission firm Nomagas have reached the FID

Bulgaria sets new transit fees for Russian gas that affect Greece and the region

How Bulgaria’s transit fees for Russian gas affect Greece

20 October 2023 - In addition to Serbia, Hungary and BiH, Bulgaria's new transit fee for Russian gas will substantially hit Greece, but the government is still silent

Hungary, Serbia say Bulgaria’s tax on Russian gas transit is aimed against their countries

18 October 2023 - Introducing the measure at the start of the heating season, when gas consumption is higher, could revive the energy crisis in Southeastern Europe


Southeast Europe keeps boosting regional gas pipeline links

07 October 2023 - As its remains uncertain whether Russia will stay the region's chief gas supplier, countries are looking to strengthen mutual ties


Germany again resorts to coal to avert winter power shortages

06 October 2023 - The German government has given the green light to restarting several coal-fired power units to boost electricity supply this winter

White hydrogen: Sustainable energy from the depths of Earth

White hydrogen: sustainable energy from depths of Earth

02 October 2023 - White hydrogen is gaining attention in the context of decarbonization as it can become one of the cleanest energy sources

Srbijagas, DEPA sign memorandum on natural gas cooperation

Srbijagas, DEPA plan to cooperate in natural gas sector

08 September 2023 - Srbijagas said its general manager Dušan Bajatović signed a memorandum of understanding with his counterpart from DEPA, Konstantinos Xifaras

EU fossil-fired power plants production at lowest levels since records began - Ember

EU fossil-fired power plant production slumps to all-time low – Ember

31 August 2023 - The first half of 2023 saw a collapse in electricity production from fossil fuels in the EU to a record low, think tank Ember said

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