Greece preparing rolling power outages Russia cuts off gas

Greece preparing for rolling power outages if Russia cuts off gas

24 May 2022 - If Russia stops delivering gas, Greece intends to impose rotating blackouts for energy-intensive industries

Robert Golob movement wins Slovenia elections green economy

Robert Golob’s movement wins Slovenia elections with green economy pledge

26 April 2022 - Robert Golob and his Freedom Movement based the economic program on decarbonization and digitalization with renewables and nuclear power as energy pillars

Balkan countries offshore platforms LNG replace Russian gas

Balkan countries count on offshore platforms, LNG to replace Russian gas

20 April 2022 - Southeastern European countries are cutting red tape for offshore gas, offering incentives and looking at LNG as an alternative to Russian gas

Bulgaria and Greece to intensify cooperation in the energy sector

Bulgaria and Greece intensify cooperation in the energy sector

25 March 2022 - Bulgarian-Greek cooperation continues with the completion of the IGB gas pipeline for Azerbaijani gas and LNG from the terminal in Alexandroupolis

US additional 15 billion cubic meters gas EU this year LNG

US to secure additional 15 billion cubic meters of gas for EU this year with LNG

25 March 2022 - The US said it would strive to ensure, with international partners, added LNG volumes for the EU of at least 15 billion cubic meters in 2022

Biden promise more LNG EU US lacks spare capacity

Biden may promise more LNG to EU but US lacks spare capacity

24 March 2022 - The US president is expected to commit to extra volumes of LNG for Europe even though the global market is tied up in long-term contracts

EU’s push for Persian Gulf LNG set to worsen energy price inflation

EU’s push for Persian Gulf LNG set to worsen energy price inflation

22 March 2022 - The EU wants to replace Russian gas fast, adding upward pressure on prices. Germany is in talks with Qatar for LNG, but so are Asian countries.