Slovenia Prapretno biggest solar power plant

Slovenia inaugurates Prapretno, its biggest solar power plant

08 April 2022 - The Hrastnik municipality now hosts the largest solar power plant in Slovenia, and other projects are underway


Cement maker to decarbonize production with solar, green hydrogen

09 September 2021 - Cement maker Salonit Anhovo has agreed cooperation with hydropower company Soške Elektrarne with the aim of decarbonizing production through solar power and green hydrogen projects.

Slovenia HSE 16 MW solar power Prapretno

Slovenia’s HSE starts first phase of 16 MW solar power plant in Prapretno

07 July 2021 - HSE is building Slovenia's biggest PV plant, of 3 MW, at a former coal plant landfill in Prapretno, and plans to expand it to 16 MW

Slovenia's HSE concession three hydropower plants Sava

Slovenia’s HSE wins concession for three hydropower plants on Sava river

01 October 2020 - HSE is about to sign a water use concession as part of the project to...


HSE considering to burn waste in thermal power plant Šoštanj

20 February 2020 - If the environmental impact assessment (EIA) doesn’t reveal a possible excessive impact on the environment...


HSE names new top managers at thermal power plant TEŠ, coal mine Velenje

04 September 2019 - Slovenia’s state power utility Holding Slovenske Elektrarne (HSE) has appointed new top managers at two...

Slovenia’s HSE Group books EUR 11.8 million loss in 2018

12 June 2019 - Slovenia’s HSE Group, which includes state power utility Holding Slovenske Elektrarne (HSE), logged a EUR...

HSE appoints new director general, COO

01 April 2019 - Slovenia’s power company Holding Slovenske Elektrarne (HSE) has appointed Stojan Nikolić as the new director...

Matjaž Marovt appointed director general of Slovenian state power company HSE

03 August 2017 - Matjaž Marovt, acting director of Slovenian state power company, Holding Slovenske elektrane (HSE), has been...