Coal pollution Turkey annual health costs EUR 10 9 billion

Coal pollution in Turkey brings annual health costs of up to EUR 10.9 billion

08 February 2021 - Air pollution from coal power plants in Turkey kills almost 5,000 people prematurely and leads to 3,000 preterm births every year


Clean Air for All – How polluted air harms human health

05 December 2020 - Pollution in the air we breathe can cause a wide range of adverse health impacts, from respiratory illnesses to heart disease to stroke.

green agenda western balkans heal sofia

HEAL urges regional leaders to implement Green Agenda for Western Balkans

09 November 2020 - The Health and Environment Alliance has sent them an open letter as they prepare to gather in Sofia for the next meeting in the Berlin process.

air pollution Tuzla

Independent report: Air pollution caused 136 premature deaths in Tuzla in 2018

25 June 2019 - Air pollution in Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina, was twice the legal limit on two thirds...

Western Balkan coal power plants are health, economic liability for entire Europe – environmental organizations

19 February 2019 - Sixteen outdated coal power plants in the Western Balkans are a public health and economic...

Reducing air pollution from TPPs in Western Balkans

Reducing air pollution from TPPs in Western Balkans could save thousands of lives

14 December 2017 - While ministers at the 15th ministerial council meeting of the Energy Community in Kosovo* are...

HEAL global campaign to combat air pollution comes to Belgrade

13 June 2017 - The Health and Environmental Alliance (HEAL) called the Serbian government to invest effort to clean...

The unpaid health bill – how coal power plants in the Western Balkans make us sick

23 September 2016 - By Vlatka Matkovic Puljic, Health & Environment Alliance (HEAL), Health and Energy Officer, Balkan region,...

Health costs of coal plants prompt policy rethink

18 March 2016 - A study quantified public health costs of polluted air from coal-fired power plants in Serbia,...

The big green challenge: can we change fast enough?

23 December 2015 - By Maja Turković, Energy Consultant, co-author of the CIRSD study ’A Roadmap for Deploying Renewable...