Germany international climate initiative small grants climate biodiversity

German International Climate Initiative offers EUR 60,000-100,000 grants for climate, biodiversity projects

06 January 2021 - The initiative has published Small Grants International Call for small and local organisations from 142 partner countries.

Kosovo renewable energy auctions NECP

Kosovo* to launch renewable energy auctions, submit NECP next year

03 December 2020 - Kosovo* is preparing to open renewable energy auctions in cooperation with the EBRD, and its National Energy and Climate Plan is almost finished


Guidelines on ecosystem services, their assessment and evaluation in Western Balkans

21 May 2020 - Author: Nikola Stojnić, Institute for Nature Conservation of Vojvodina Province, Serbia On the occasion of...

BIH ecosystem services assessment

Ecosystem services – nature’s contributions to people

17 April 2020 - In the past decades, and especially after the 2005 Millennium Ecosystem Assessment, the term ecosystem...

Sourcebook on sustainable financing of biodiversity, ecosystems, protected areas coming soon

12 March 2020 - The sourcebook with real-world cases studies lays out why, how and which financing mechanisms can...

Towns in BiH, Montenegro, Albania join forces against marine litter

Towns in BiH, Montenegro, Albania join forces against marine litter

02 March 2020 - The Declaration of Ulcinj on the Prevention of Marine Litter has been signed by heads...

hydropower Draft catalog for sustainable development of small hydropower plants in BiH

BiH produces Draft catalog of criteria for sustainable development of SHPPs

30 October 2019 - A working group comprising representatives of various institutions and both political entities in Bosnia and...

new biomass heating plant

Priboj gets new 1.8 MW biomass heating plant

24 October 2019 - The City of Priboj has put into operation a new biomass heating plant, with a...

Danilo Barjaktarović

Energy and climate policies overview – current situation and recommendations for the preparation of Montenegro’s NECP

15 October 2019 - Author: Danilo Barjaktarović, Director, EcoEnergy Consulting Montenegro has pledged to join the international community’s efforts...

biodiversity protection

Civil society of SEE is shaping joint position on biodiversity protection

30 August 2019 - BioNET, an independent regional network of 14 biodiversity-related civil society organizations (CSOs) in South-East Europe...

ORF-EE signs MoU with Energy Community and GIZ CDCP III project on support to EnC Contracting Parties for development of National Energy and Climate Plans

26 March 2019 - The Energy Community (EnC) held its third Technical Working Group Meeting on Energy and Climate...

Novi Pazar secures location for biomass heating plant

18 March 2019 - “Following public bidding, the City of Novi Pazar has become the owner of a wastewater...

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