Ugljevik coal power BiH desulfurization

Ugljevik coal power plant in BiH connects desulfurization unit

29 October 2020 - Regular desulfurization finally started in the thermal power plant in Ugljevik. Contractor Mitsubishi Power received a similar order from Serbia.

greece necp renewables

Greece NECP: Renewables share in electricity consumption to reach 61% by 2030

20 October 2020 - Greece's 2030 target for renewables is set at 35%, compared to 18% in 2018

bulgaria necp final ec

Bulgaria’s NECP: EUR 42.7 billion in investment needed to meet 2030 goals

16 October 2020 - Bulgaria said in its National Energy and Climate Plan (NECP) that it targets zero greenhouse gas emissions for 2030


China pledges carbon neutrality by 2060

23 September 2020 - China, the world’s largest emitter of greenhouse gasses, has pledged to become carbon neutral by...

EU Just Transition Fund EUR 10 billion in COVID-19 recovery

EU cuts Just Transition Fund to EUR 10 billion in COVID-19 recovery deal

21 July 2020 - The European Council reached an agreement on the seven-year budget through 2027 including a mechanism...

GGF, Yapı Kredi Leasing renewables Turkey loan

GGF, Yapı Kredi Leasing support renewables in Turkey with loan package of EUR 20 million

06 July 2020 - The Green for Growth Fund – GGF invested in Turkey’s Yapı Kredi Leasing for the...


Introduction of emissions trading is request of our time and no matter of choice

19 May 2020 - With the adoption of the climate change law and the introduction of an emissions trading...

Costs demand renewables coronavirus

Low costs boost demand for renewables during coronavirus crisis

05 May 2020 - Green energy has been the most resilient to the effects of lockdowns worldwide, said Dave...


EU, UNDP send Joint Message to Serbian government on climate change

24 October 2019 - We are publishing the Joint Message without any intervention. In the aftermath of the 2019...


Government of Montenegro adopts bill on protection from negative impact of climate change

21 October 2019 - The Government of Montenegro has adopted a bill on protection from the negative impact of...

International Day of Forests: Deforestation is global, regional problem contributing to climate change

21 March 2019 - Forests filter out dust and other particles from air and have a positive impact on...

Work ahead to produce Montenegro’s Integrated National Energy and Climate Plan

28 January 2019 - Author: Đorđije Vulikić, climate change and sustainable energy consultant The Energy Union strategy is based...

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